Margaret Beaufort, countess of Richmond and of Derby, born at Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, in 1441, died in 1509. She was a daughter of the duke of Somerset, grandson of Edward III., and was married to the earl of Richmond, half brother to Henry VI., by whom at the age of 18 years she had one son, afterward king of England under the title of Henry VII. After the death of the earl of Richmond she married successively Sir Henry Stafford, a connection of the ducal house of Buckingham, and Thomas Lord Stanley, afterward earl of Derby, but had issue by neither of these marriages. She was celebrated for her devotion and charity. By her bounty two colleges, Christ's and St. John's, were endowed at Cambridge, and a professorship of divinity established in each; but the endowments were subsequently recovered by Henry VIII. as her heir at law. She translated the "Mirroure of Golde to the Sinfull Soul," from a French translation of the Speculum Aureum Peccatorum. and the 4th book of the "Imitation of Christ."