Dinan (Deen-ong'), an old town in the French dep. of Cotes-du-Nord, on the Rance, 30 m. NW. of Rennes, and 14 S. of St Malo. Its situation, on the summit of a steep granite hill, with the Rance flowing through a valley 250 feet below, is highly romantic. The valley is crossed by a fine granite bridge of ten arches. The town is still partly surrounded by its ivy-covered walls; and the old castle of the Dukes of Brittany is now in part used as a prison. A fine Romanesque church contains the heart of Du Guesclin. Many English reside here. Pop. 8788. Four miles off lies the village of Corseult, on an old Roman site, where many antiquities have been found.

Dinant(Deen-ong'),a town of Belgium, occupying a narrow site between the Meuse and a limestone hill, 17 miles S. of Namur by rail. On the cliff above stands the citadel (1530). There are manufactures of cotton, paper, leather, iron, gingerbread, etc, with black marble quarries; the copper wares (Dinanderie), belong to the past. Pop. 8773.