VOLUME V Steel Construction . . . . By E. A. Tucker Page *11

Structural Elements of a Building - The Enclosing Walls - Interior Columns and Bearing Partitions - Floors - Roof - Use of Handbooks - Methods of Rolling - Characteristics of Shapes - Uses of Sections - Use of Tables - Safe Loads - Spacing of Beams - Deflection - Properties of I-Beams, Plates, Channels, and Angles - Building Laws and Specifications - Specified Live Loads - Allowable Unit-Stresses - Strength and Dimensions of Bearing Walls - Factor of Safety - The Steel Frame - Position of Columns - Tie Rods - Fireproof Materials - Terra-Cotta Floor and Roof Arches - Guastavino Arch - Concrete-Steel Floor and Roof Arches - Tests of Floor and Roof Arches - Selection of System of Floor Construction - Tests of Partitions - Column Coverings - Corrosion of Steel - Paints - Fire-Resisting Woods - Beams and Girders - Determination and Distribution of Loads - Weights of Materials - Lintels - Beam Plates - Anchors - Separators - Calculation of Stresses - Column Shapes and Connections - Selection of Sections - Trusses - Selection of Type - Bracing - Roof Pressures - Column Caps, Bases, and Splices - Inspection of Members - Relations of Architect and Engineer - Drawings and Specifications - Estimating - Foundations (Spread, Caisson, Pile, Grillage, Cantilever) - Underpinning Shoring and Sheath Piling - Types of High Buildings - Effect on Foundations - Wind Pressure - Mill Building Construction - Rivets and Riveting - Strength of Joints - Standard Connections - ■ Detailing from Framing Plan - Riveted Girders - Functions of Flanges and Webs - Use of Stiffeners - Spacing of Rivets - Flange and Web Splices - Direction of Stress - Trussed Stringers

Structural Drafting . . . . By F. O. Dufour Page 315

Drafting-Room Equipment and Practice: Classification of Drawings, Drafting-Room Personnel, Assignment of Work, Records - Drafting Materials: Instruments, Detail Paper, Tracing Cloth, Stress Sheet - Ordering of Material: Layout, Allowances for Planing and Cutting, Allowances for Pin Material, Allowances for Bending, Shop Bills - Detailing: Lettering, Abbreviations, Dimensions and Material Notation, Rivets and Rivet Spacing, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Tension Members, Clearances - Detailing Methods: Angles, Plates, Combinations of Structural Shapes, Beams, Roof Trusses, Plate Girder Spans, Compression Members, Built-up Tension Members - Facilitation of Erection

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Exterior of Cream-Tinted Enameled Terra-Cotta from Sidewalk to Cornice.