Nothing contained in this clause shall in any way diminish or be construed to waive any of the Landlord's other remedies, and the deposit of $........shall in no event be applicable to any rent due or to become due hereunder.

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26. Covenant by Landlord as to Tide and Encumbrances. The Landlord covenants that it has good title to the demised premises and that the same shall be and clear of all liens, encumbrances, violations and leases except........

except that if there be any lien other than those referred to herein or any violation existing against the demised premises, the Landlord agrees to remove, discharge and cancel the same.

27. Provision in Event of Condemnation. In the event that the demised premises, or any part thereof, are taken in condemnation proceedings or by any right of eminent domain the entire award shall be made to the Landlord without deduction therefrom for any estate hereby vested in the Tenant and the Tenant shall receive no part of any such award. The Tenant hereby expressly assigns to the Landlord any and all such awards, together with any and all rights of the Tenant now or hereafter arising, in and to the same or any part thereof. If only a portion of the leased premises be so taken, the Landlord shall do such work as to make a complete architectural unit of the remainder of the building on the demised premises and the rental herein reserved from and after the date from which the award made to the Landlord shall commence to draw interest, shall be reduced by an amount equal to six per cent. of an amount determined by subtracting from the amount of such award the expense actually incurred by the Landlord in doing the work last above described. No such taking shall operate as or be deemed an eviction of the Tenant or in any way terminate, diminish, suspend, abate or impair the obligation of the Tenant to pay full rental or his obligation to fully observe and perform all covenants on his part herein contained, or any other obligation of the Tenant herein reserved for the benefit of the Landlord, except as in this paragraph above provided.

If more than fifty per cent. of the ground area of the leased premises be so taken the term and estate hereby granted shall at the election of the Tenant cease and expire on the date when interest shall commence to accrue on such award provided that the Tenant shall at least thirty days before the confirmation of such award give written notice to the Landlord of such election.

28. Provision against Partial Eviction. No permanent or temporary revocation or modification of any licence, permit, privilege or right to occupy or use or maintain any vault, passageway or structure in, over or under any street or sidewalk, nor any permanent or temporary deprivation of any right, privilege or easement appurtenant to the premises, shall operate as or be deemed an eviction of the Tenant or in any way terminate, diminish, suspend, abate or impair the obligation of the Tenant to pay full rental or his obligation to fully observe and perform all covenants on his part herein contained, or any other obligation of the Tenant herein reserved for the benefit of the Landlord.

Fifth Avenue Building Co. v. Kernochan, 221 N. Y. 370 117 N.E. 579.

29. Covenant to Indemnify. The Tenant covenants to indemnify and save harmless the Landlord against any and all claims arising from the conduct or management of or from any work or thing whatsoever done in or about the demised premises or any building or structure thereon or the equipment thereof during said term, or arising during said term from any condition of any street or sidewalk adjoining said premises or of any vaults, passageways or spaces therein or appurtenant thereto, or arising from any act or negligence of the Tenant or any of its agents, contractors or employees, or arising from any accident, injury or damage whatsoever, however caused, to any person or persons, or to the property of any person, persons, corporation or corporations, occurring during said term on, in or about the leased premises or upon or under the sidewalks in front thereof, and from and against all costs, counsel fees, expenses and liabilities incurred in or about any such claim or any action or proceeding brought thereon; and in case any action or proceeding be brought against the Landlord by reason of any such claim, the Tenant, on notice from the Landlord, shall resist or defend such action or proceeding, by counsel satisfactory to the Landlord.

30. Covenant to Bind Heirs, etc. It is agreed that the provisions, covenants and conditions of this lease shall bind and enure to the benefit of the legal representatives, heirs, successors, assigns of the parties and to grantees of the Landlord, excepting that no assignment by or through the Tenant in violation of the provisions of this lease shall vest any rights in the assignee.

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