I. GENERAL NATURE OF DISCHARGE Sec. 2446. General nature of discharge.


Sec. 2447. Definition and nature of release.

Sec. 2448. Definition and nature of covenant not to sue. Sec. 2449. History of release. Sec. 2450. Elements of release. Sec. 2451. Construction - General principles. Sec. 2452. Construction - Scope of subject-matter. Sec. 2453. Construction as between release and covenant not to sue. Sec. 2454. Effect of release as discbarge. Sec. 2455. Release upon condition.

Sec. 2456. Releases and covenants not to sue as between joint or joint and several parties.


Sec. 2457. New contract as discharge - General nature.

Sec. 2458. New contract must be enforceable - Mutual assent of parties.

Sec. 2459. Recognition of breach not new contract.

Sec. 2400. Assent of beneficiary.

Sec. 2461. Consideration for new contract.

Sec. 2462. No new or additional consideration - Contract executory on both sides-Mutual discharge.

Sec. 2463. Discharge or increase in liability of one party.

Sec. 2464. Contract performed on one side.

Sec. 2465. Theory that consideration not necessary.

Sec. 2466. Waiver of right to avoid original contract.

Sec. 2467. New and additional consideration.

Sec. 2468. New contract on condition precedent.

Sec. 2460. New contract invalid on other grounds.

Sec. 2470. Effect of breach of new contract on rights arising out of prior contract.

Sec. 2471. Form of new contract - Tn general.

Sec. 2472. Formalities necessary to execution of new contract - Original contract of record.

Sec. 2473. Original contract under seal - At common law.

Sec. 2474. In quity - Adoption of equitable theory by common law.

Sec. 2475. Original contract required by law to be in writing.

Sec. 2476. Original contract required by law to be proved in writing - New contract executory and within Statute of Frauds.

Sec. 2477 Modification of consideration.

Sec. 2478. Modification of performance.

Sec. 2470. Effect of acts of reliance on new contract.

Sec. 2480. Performance or part performance of new contract.

Sec. 2481Oral rescission of original contract.

Sec. 2482. New contract containing no provisions within the statute of frauds.

Sec. 2483. Original contract merely in writing.

Sec. 2484. Effect of parol evidence rule.

Sec. 2485. Express covenant against oral modification.

Sec. 2486. Express covenant as affecting authority of agent.

Sec. 2487. Statutory rule as to oral modification.

Sec. 2488. Evidence of new contract.

Sec. 2489. Effect of new contract - Total or partial discharge by new contract.

Sec. 2400. Express provision as to effect of new contract on original contract.

Sec. 2401. No express provision as to effect - New contract consistent with original contract. Sec. 2402. No express provision as to effect - New contract entirely inconsistent with original contract. Sec. 2403. New contract partially inconsistent with prior contract. Sec. 2404. Effect of new contract upon subsequent rights arising out of original contract. Sec. 2405. Effect of new contract upon prior rights arising under original contract. Sec. 2406. Provision in contract for subsequent modification.


Sec. 2497. Novation - Nature and meaning.

Sec. 2408. Elements of novation in narrower sense.

Sec. 2400. Effect of novation in narrower sense.

6 2500. Novation in wider sense.


Sec. 2501. Definition and nature.

Sec. 2502. History of accord and satisfaction.

Sec. 2503. Elements of accord and satisfaction - The accord - Offer and acceptance.

Sec. 2504. Check as offer.

Sec. 2505. Receipts in full.

Sec. 2506. Consideration - General principles.

Sec. 2507. Claim liquidated and not in dispute - No additional consideration.

Sec. 2508. Additional consideration.

Sec. 2500. Satisfaction of nature different from original claim.

Sec. 2510. Unliquidated or disputed claim.

Sec. 2511. Accord and satisfaction by stranger to original liability.

Sec. 2512. Fraud, conditions, etc.

Sec. 2513. Accord and satisfaction as discharge of contract of record.

Sec. 2514. Accord and satisfaction as discharge of contract under seal.

Sec. 2515. Satisfaction.

Sec. 2516. Effect of accord and satisfaction.


Sec. 2517. Definition and nature.

Sec. 2518. Elements of account stated - Nature of account.

Sec. 2519 Antecedent debt.

Sec. 2520. Rendition of account.

Sec. 2521. Assent to account as rendered.

Sec. 2522. Communication of assent.

Sec. 2523. Silence as assent.

Sec. 2524. Effect of account stated.


Sec. 2525. Definition and nature.

Sec. 2526. History of arbitration.

Sec. 2527. Validity of covenant for arbitration.

Sec. 2528. Elements of arbitration - Submission.

Sec. 2520. Subject-matter of arbitration - Existing dispute.

Sec. 2530. Subject-matter of arbitration - Entire dispute.

Sec. 2531. Illegal subject-matter.

Sec. 2532. Form of submission.

Sec. 2533. Construction of submission.

Sec. 2534. Appointment of arbitrators.

Sec. 2535. Qualifications of arbitrators.

Sec. 2536. Notice of hearing.

Sec. 2537. Hearing.

Sec. 2538. Evidence.

Sec. 2539. Method of action of arbitrators.

Sec. 2540. Unanimity of action.

Sec. 2541. Award - General nature.

Sec. 2542. Award - Conformity to submission.

Sec. 2543. Completeness and finality of award.

Sec. 2544. Certainty of award.

Sec. 2545. Form and signature of award.

Sec. 2546. Effect of submission as bar to action.

Sec. 2547. Effect of submission as basis for recovering damages.

Sec. 2548. Effect of award.

Sec. 2549. Enforcement of award.

Sec. 2550. Grounds for attacking award.

Sec. 2551. Methods of attacking award.

Sec. 2552. Waiver.

Sec. 2553. Liability of arbitrators.