No. 1. The Cover Design of Arts and Crafts.

2. Motive for a Border Decoration.

3. Decoration for a Retable or a Superfrontal.

4. Stole Decoration (the " Holy Ghost" Orchid).

5. Japanese Stencil.

6. Japanese Stencil.

7. Design for a Stationary Box in Repousse Brass, Relief Burning, or Embossed Leather. By Gawthorp.

8. Decorative Head, by Ellen Welby,

9. Semi-conventional Treatment of Iris for Painted Border or Embroidery. The Elements - Decorative Designs by Ellen Welby.

10. Earth. ,, 23. Air. ,, 39. Fire. 59. Water.

11. Border for a Benediction Veil or a Fair Linen Cloth.

12. Border for a Fair Linen Cloth.

13. Design for Bellows (Wood carving. Embossed Leather, or Pyrography).

14. Stole by G. A. Audsley.

15. Motive for Fair Linen Cloth for Altar use.

16. Cushion Design: Roses for Painting or Needlework.

Nos. 17, 29, 42. Alphabet for Embroidery. No. 18. Corner-piece for Embroidery (Tudor Rose).

19. Tudor Rose.

20. Postal Card Case for Embroidery and Embossed Leather. ,,

21. Wild Rose Design (for Metal Work, Embossed Leather, Wood-carving, or Pyrography).

22. Wild Rose Border for Needlework. ,,

24. Embroidered Sermon Case.

25. Stole by G. A. Audsley.

26. Nasturtium Design for Needlework.

27. Simple Motive for Wood-carving.

28. Coral Motive for Decoration.

30. Design for Church Embroidery, by G. A. Audsley.

31. Nasturtium Decoration for Embroidery.

32. Carved Log-holder.

40. Carved Flower-pot Stand in Gothic Style, by Karl von Rydingsvard.

41. Conventionalised Carnation,by Jean Inglis.

43. Embroidery Design: Nasturtium, by M. L. Macomber.

44. Design for a Tray in Repousse or Chased Metal, by C. M. Jencks.

45. Border for Embroidery: Sweet Pea Motive, by M. L. Macomber.

46. Border for Metal or Leather Work or Embroidery.

47. Music Case in Tooled and Embossed Leather, by Ellen Sparks.

48. Stole, by G. A. Audsley.

53a and 53b. Design for a Carved Footstool in Romanesque Style, by Karl von Rydingsvard.

54. Poppy Design for Curtain Border for Embroidery or Painted Frieze, by A. B. Bogart.

Nos. 60, 61, and 62. Japanese' Stencils.

No. 63. Full-sized Detail of Stencil Design.

64. Decoration for Pulpit Hanging, by S. W. Rhodes.

65. Border Design for Embroidery.

66. Design for Embroidery.

67. Rose Border Design for Emtroiderv, by M. L. Macomber.

68. D'Oyly (Sweet Pea) for Embroidery.

Nos. 69, and 70. Border Designs for Embroidery. ,, 7°.

71 a. b and c. Chalice Veil, by S. W. Rhodes.

72, 72a, and 72b. Carved Hanging Cabinet, by Karl von Rydingsvard.

No. 73 Embossed Leather Strap, by Ellen Sparks.

Illustrations Of The Work Of Audsley. G. A Barnstaple Guild of Metal Workers. Beckwith, J. Carroll. Bogart. A. B. Bonner, Albert, E. Boyes, Sidney. Brackett. Walter. Braddon, Ferderick. Brown, J. G. Bryce. F. G. S. Burne-Jones, E. Cambell, Ethel. Cimbell, John.

Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts. Carhart, E. Cecinsky. Herbert. Chavannes, Puvis de Clarion Guild of Handicraft. Copestick, Ernest. Crane. Walter. Cuzner, Bernard. Dangon, Victor. Dawson, Amelia G. Dawson, R, A. Dawson. W. M. Dutson, Ellen S. Eland, J. S. Fieldhouse. Harry. Fisher, Alexander. Fosdick, J. W. Found. James A. Fouracres, Rosalind. Gawthrop. Goodyear, Clara. Green. Henry. Guild of Handicraft. HalloweU, K. M. Hill, Vincent. Hopkins, L.

Hornblower, Florence S. Hornstein. L. Horth, A. C. Inglis, Jean W. Jenckes, C. M. Jewsbury. F. Knight, Ida. Lambert, Beatrice. Lanteri, E. Legros, Alphonse. Luts Edward. Macbeth. Ann. Macomber, M, L. McKay, John.

Mercian Guild of Handicraft. Morris, H. Oiivie, Leon. Partridge, Maud. Pearce, Charles Sprague. Potter, John. Potts, Walter. Rheims, Edith de Redmond, Frieda Voeiter. Renard, Edward. Rhodes, Sarah Wynfield. Rogers. Arthur. Rousseau, Theodore. Sands, T. L. Shepherd, G. May. Simpson, M. Lilian. Sparks. Ellen. Stevenson, J. A. Swinhoe, Edith. Tatlow. Ester E. Thomas. Adolph. Vierge, Daniel. Von Rydingsvard, Karl. Vyse, Charles. Welby, Ellen. Willoughby, J. C. Working Ladies' Guild. wunsch, W. M,

Chalk Study. By Professor Alphonse Legros.

Chalk Study. By Professor Alphonse Legros.