Italian Macaroni (1)

Boil the macaroni in salted water thirty minutes. Melt in a saucepan and blend together half a cup of butter in a scant cup of tomato catsup; grate and have ready a cup of cheese. Drain the macaroni when done and pour over it the sauce, in which has been stirred the grated cheese, saving out a little cheese to sprinkle over the top.

Italian Macaroni (2)

Break into inch pieces one cup of macaroni, boil in two quarts of boiling salted water; serve with the following sauce poured over it. Make a cream dressing of two tablespoons each of butter and flour, adding two cups of hot milk; stir till smooth; season with salt and paprika, and flavor with a cup of grated cheese.

Creole Sweet Potatoes (Cuban)

Boil three or four medium-sized sweet potatoes; pare and cut in pieces. Cook slowly in a frying-pan with one quarter of a cup of butter and half a cup of sugar; shake the pan often, being careful not to burn or break the pieces.

Cabbage A La Francais

Boil the cabbage fifteen minutes, shred coarsely, and put in a deep baking-dish. Pour over this a cream sauce, or a sauce made of two tablespoonfuls of melted butter, a scant teaspoon of salt, a dash of pepper, and four tablespoons of cream. Sprinkle with cheese, and bake half an hour.

Cream Sauce For Cabbage

Melt one tablespoon of butter, stir in one tablespoon of flour; do not brown. When mixture bubbles, stir in one cup of milk; season to taste as taken from the fire.

Corn Pie (Cuban)

Make a good pie-crust and line a deep dish, saving some of the crust for the top. Put into this first a layer of cooked rice, with small pieces of bacon over it; next, a layer of cooked chicken meat in pieces (not diced); and third, a layer of corn, either new sweet corn, or part of a can. Repeat until the dish is full; pepper and salt to taste; cover with top crust and bake until done.

Spanish chestnuts (boiled; good to serve with roast chicken or roast meat). Cut a slit in the outside shell of the chestnut; boil till the inner brown skin will come off easily, - about ten minutes. Make a sauce of two tablespoons each of butter and flour, and one cup of stock (or water); season to taste; add the chestnuts, and simmer ten minutes.

Baked Egg-Plant (French)

Soak in salted water for an hour thick slices of the peeled egg-plant; drain, and boil till tender, but not soft; drain. Put in a baking-dish in layers, sprinkling each layer with butter or olive oil, salt, paprika, and grated cheese. Cover the top with a thick layer of bread crumbs, grated cheese, dots of butter, and bake twenty minutes.

Spinach Fritters (French)

Boil spinach till tender, drain very dry, and chop fine. Mix together two cups of spinach, two raw eggs, butter size of an egg, salt, pepper, a little nutmeg, one half cup of cream, and one teaspoon of baking-powder. Fry like corn fritters.

Honey-Locust Fritters (French)

Dip the blossoms of the locust tree in an egg batter and fry in deep fat. It is not unusual in many foreign countries to find flowers cooked in various ways.

Aguacate avocado, or alligator pear salad (Mexican). Peel and remove the pits from two alligator pears. Mash the soft pulp and add two mashed and strained tomatoes, a little onion juice, salt, pepper (not red), and vinegar to taste. Beat together and serve alone, or on thin slices of bread.

Another delicious way to serve aguacate is to remove the large pit, fill its place with sherry wine and sugar and eat with a spoon as one would grape-fruit.

(This fruit is available in the big markets when in season.)