Simple Remedy To Break Up A Hard Cold

WHEN you feel a cold coming on drink four or five glasses of hot water (not warm water, but hot). In one-half hour drink four more glasses of hot water. If the throat is sore, gargle it with warm water and alcohol, in the proportion of one teaspoonful of alcohol to one-half glassful of water. On going to bed, fill the bath-tub one-quarter full of hot water and sit in it eight minutes, keeping the water as hot as you can stand. If you do not have a bath-tub then put the feet for the same length of time into a foot-tub filled two-thirds full with hot water - take no medicine, but drink more hot water and go to bed. If the lungs are sore, put on a compress as follows: Dip a napkin in cold water, wring it out dry and lay it over the throat and chest. Over this spread two or three thicknesses of flannel, and with a long strip of cloth tie it on. Now forget your troubles and go to sleep. In the morning you will wonder what became of the cold. A Common Sense Mother.


Sunstroke is prevented by wearing a silk handkerchief in the crown of the hat, or green leaves, or a wet cloth of any kind; but, during an attack, warm water should be instantly poured on the head, or rags dipped in the water and renewed every minute. The reason is two-fold - the scalp is dry and hot and the warm water not only removes the dryness but carries off the extra heat with great rapidity by evaporation. G. L.


To prevent choking, break an egg into a cup and give it to the person choking to swallow. The white of the egg seems to catch around the obstacle and remove it. If one egg does not answer the purpose try another. The white is all that is necessary. V. S. T.


Let fall a stream of very warm water from a teakettle, at the highest elevation from which the patient can bear the water to fall directly on the apex of the swelling; continue this once a day for a short time and a cure will be effected, providing you desist from wearing short shoes. The greater the elevation of the kettle the more effectual the remedy.

It is said that the following is a good bunion remedy: Use pulverized saltpeter and sweet oil; obtain at the druggist's five or six cents' worth of saltpeter, put into a bottle with sufficient olive oil to nearly dissolve it; shake up well and rub the inflamed joints night and morning and more frequently if painful. This is a well-tried remedy. A. F.

How To Kill Warts

Prick until they bleed; then apply soda. H. F. A.

Cure For External Cancer

Apply as poultice bruised stramonium leaves. Stramonium affects some persons as the poison ivy does. In this case the antidote is strong. salt water freely applied. M. H. P. Crandall.

Internal Cancer Cure

Take the dried blossoms of the common red clover, put them in hot water, let them steep over night and this will be a clover tea. Take a tablespoonful of this tea five or six times daily. Cases of virulent cancer have been cured by this simple remedy. H. N.

How To Cool The Blood

Take eight ounces of sarsaparilla, three ounces of root licorice, six ounces of wild cherry bark, one-half ounce of mandrake, one ounce of gentian, one-half teaspoonful each of cinnamon and red pepper. Boil in three gallons of rain water till reduced to one-half. Sweeten a very little.

This is a fine drink for cooling the blood. Abstain from sweets while using it. M. H. N.

Blood Purifier

Clover tea is a fine blood purifier, drank freely, removing pimples and whitening the skin. It is also a sleep-inducing draught. Its efficiency in early stages of cancer is unquestioned. H. F. L.

How To Counteract Poisonous Gas

An ordinary gas jet consumes as much oxygen as four human beings.

It is well when sitting long in a gas-lighted room to occasionally open a door or a window for a few moments and bring in some fresh air. Plants in pots do not thrive well in rooms where gas is used for illuminating or where it is used as fuel. B. O. L.

How To Clear A Waste Pipe

Just before retiring at night pour into the clogged pipe enough liquid soda-lye to fill the "trap" or bent part of the pipe. Be sure that no water runs into it until the next morning. During the night the lye will convert all the offal into soft soap and the first current of water in the morning will wash it away and clear the pipe clean as new.

The Sanitar Enquirer.

How To Remove Proud Flesh

Pulverize loaf sugar very fine and apply it to the part affected. This is an easy remedy and is said to remove it entirely without pain. E. E.

Dropsy Cure

A tea made of chestnut leaves and drank freely instead of water will relieve an obstinate case of dropsy in a few days. H. K.

Blackberry Syrup For Loose Bowels

Make a simple syrup of a pound of sugar to each pint of water and boil till it is rich and thick. Add as many pints of the expressed juice of ripe blackberries as there are pounds of sugar. Grate half a nutmeg to each quart of syrup and let it boil for from fifteen to twenty minutes. Then add one-half gill of fourth-proof brandy to each quart of syrup. Set it by till cold, then bottle for use. A tablespoonful for a child or a wine-glassful for an adult, is a dose. S. N. N.