Whipped cream; common thick cream; possibly it may have meant at first clotted cream. French royalty had a country residence at Chantilly about the time our present culinary terms were in course of formation, and there also was the royal model farm and dairy, whence came the " chantilly cream " for the king's table in Paris. The term occurs with great frequency with certain culinary authors, and never means anything else than whipped cream.

Meringue Baskets A La Chantilly

Egg-kisses built up in basket shape by sticking together with candy; the basket then filled up with sweetened and flavored whipped cream.

Border Of Jelly A La Chantilly

Same as English jelly with syllabub; a border or ring of jelly formed in a border mould, turned out and the center filled up with whipped cream.

Gateau A La Chantilly

A cake made hollow in the middle, spread all over with jam and filled with whipped cream.

Chantilly Soup

Puree of young green peas, slight flavor of mint and green onions.