I. Dried fruit. Baked bananas. Baked apples.

II. Peach butter. Canned tomatoes.

III. Apple and mint jelly.

IV. Chili sauce. Mustard pickles.

V. Spiced prunes. Watermelon-rind pickle.

VI. Potatoes in the half shell.

VII. Marguerite salad. Shirred eggs.

VIII. Scrambled eggs with or without milk.

IX. Date tapioca. Chocolate tapioca.

X. Turkish Pilaf. Compote of rice and pears.

XL Tapioca cream. Brown-bread brewis.

XII. Iced tea. Cinnamon crackers.

XIII. Fruit punch. Percolated and drip coffee.

XIV. Iced cocoa or cocoa shake. XV. Frappe. Apricot ice.

XXIV. Potatoes au gratin. Creamed eggs.

XXV. Rice croquettes. Egg cutlets.

XXVI. Baked macaroni and cheese.

XXVII. Creamed celery.

XXIX. Cauliflower.

XXX. Brussels sprouts. Kale.

XXXIII. Cannelon of beef, or beef loaf.

XXXIV. Breaded chops. Franconia potatoes. XXXV. Swiss steak. Braised beef.

XXXVII. Noodles. Beef tea.

XXXVIII. Irish moss. Agar-agar. Jellied meat.

Double mold. XLI. Fried smelts. Creamed codfish. Finnan haddie. Planked fish. XLII. Scalloped oysters. Panned oysters. Oysters with bacon. XLIV. Cream puffs. Fruit puffs. XLV. Celery fritters. Timbale cases. XLVI. Waffles. Johnny cake. XLVII. Hot-water sponge cake. Angel cake. XLVIII. Date muffins. Sally Lunn. Boston brown bread. XLIX. Chocolate cake. White cake. Gold cake. Boiled frosting. L. Dutch apple cake. Cinnamon roly-poly. LI. Hermits, or other drop cookies. LII. Raisin bread. Nut bread. Baking-powder nut bread. LIII. Finger rolls. Swedish tea ring, etc. LIV. Custard pie. Lemon cream pie. Fruit tarts. LV. Raised doughnuts. Sour-milk doughnuts. LVL Mousse. Parfait. LVII. Frozen pudding. Spanish cream. LIX. Cottage cheese and walnut sandwich.

Maids of Honor. LX. Cheese balls. Cheese fondu. Cheese straws.