The twenty-fifth Exhibition of this association will be held on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the 21st, 22d and 28d, of September, in the Philadelphia Museum, corner of Ninth and George streets. A complete premium list, amounting to about $400 is offered. We select the following items:

Plants - from a private collection - in pots not over sixteen inches in diameter:

For the best twenty plants, at least seven of them to be in bloom, from a private collection, a prize of fifteen dollars.

With this prize it is proposed to present a Silver pitcher, of two hundred dollars value, to be raised by private subscription and donated to the Society, and to be held by the owner of the successful collection for one year, and to be yearly competed for - the donors' and victors' names to be engraved on the Pitcher.

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society #1

The Stated -Meeting was held as usual this evening, (January 17). The President in the Chair. The following awards were made:

Plants And Flowers

Collection Of Twelve Plants

For the beat, to Robert Buist; for the second best, to Thos. Meehan, gardener to C Cope. Specimen Plant - For the beat, to Rob't Buist; for the second best, to Thos. Meehan. Table Design - For the beat, to Thos. Meehan. Basket of Cut Flowers - For the best and for the second best, to Thomas Meehan.


A special premium of $1 was awarded to Isaac B. Baxter, for fine specimens of Passe Colmar Pears.


For the best display by an amateur, to Thos. Meghran, gardener to W. H. Stewart, Torresdale. Special premiums of $1 each, for a dish of Mushrooms, and a dish of Cucumbers (Godfrey's Surprise), to Thomas Meghran; and for Imperial Sion-house Cucumber, to Wm. Thompson, gardener to John Tucker.

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society #2

The stated meeting of this Society occurred on Tuesday evening, March 21, 1854, in the Chinese Saloon, R. Cornelius, Vice President, in the Chair.

The display on the occasion consisted of fine Azaleas, from Mr. Dundas' and Robert Bitot's houses; and from the latter a collection of twelve choice specimens of green-house plants. From Mr. CoPK, a few new plants, a beautiful basket of cut flowers, hand .bouquets, and a dish of strawberries. A large table of culinary vegetables was shown from THomas Meghran, gardener to W. S. Stewart, Torrisdale.

Premiums awarded were - Atalea, specimen plant, for the best, to John Pollock, gardener to Jas. Dundas; Dwarf Asaleas three plants, for the best, to Robert Bulst; collection of twelve plants, to the same; specimen plant, for the best (Begonia Manicata), to the same; for the second best (AUamanda NercifOlia), to Jerome Graff, gardener to C. Cope. A premium of $2 to Robert Bulst, for a beautifully bloomed plant of Conoclium lanthinum. New plants shown for the first time - A premium of $8 to Jerome Graff, for a fine plant of Dendrobium Aggregation; basket of cut flowers, for the best, to the same; bouquets, pair, for the best, to the same.

The Committee called the attention of the Society particularly to the fine Camellia Ellen, a seedling of Mr. Mackenzie's, which rceclvod the first prize about three years ago; it is still considered a very superior flower.

The Fruit Committee awarded a special premium of $2 to Jerome Graff, gardener to C. Cope, for a dish of straw-berries.

By The Committee On Vegetables

Lettuce, six heads - for the best to Thos. Meghran, gardener to W. S. Stewart; and for the best display, the same. The Committee noticed a plate of Tomatoes shown by Wm. Johns.

Votes of thanks were ordered to James Vick, Jr., for the volume of the Horticulturist for 1858 - to Charles Downing, for EUiotCs Fruit Book - io IL R. Noll, for his Flora of Pennsylvania - and to Mrs. C. Stanly for two volumes.