The New England Farmer, Weekly

Is one of the oldest and most widely known agricultural papers in the country, and is designed to supply the fanner and his family with reliable information in regard to Agriculture and Horticulture, the latest news of the day, market reports, etc, Ac.

Published every Saturday, at TWO DOLLARs a Year.

New Fruits In Utah

James E. Johnson, of St, George, Utah, writes us that the progress of fruit-growing in that Territory is wonderful, and while old varieties succeed well, they have some new ones of surpassing merit. Among these he names Gates' Apricot, which, he says, is a new seedling, much noted and widely disseminated, size of the "peach," juicy, of rich flavor. He also writes of a new seedling grape, "raised from seeds of the Malaga, by Mr. Jarvis, of St. George, Utah, three years since. Vine, a great grower, stout canes, short pointed; leaves, intensely lobed; clusters, broad-shouldered; berries, large, slightly oval, greenish amber; seeds, small; skin, thin; pulp, tender, sweet, and delicious; vine, hardy".

New Fruits Tested At Boston

Every cultivator knows the importance of selecting the best sorts, and this selection is greatly facilitated by knowing the experience of others. With this view, we give a list of those which were more particularly commended by the committee of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, in their report the past winter, with the remarks of the committee.

New Illustrated Rural Manuals. The House

A Pocket Manual of Rural Architecture ; or How to Build Dwellings, Barns, Stables, etc. Embracing a Sketch of the History of Architecture; Essentials of a Dwelling; Building Materials; Choice of a Situation; Styles of Architecture ; Cottages in the Various Styles; the New England Cottage; Prairie Cottages; Southern Houses; Out-Houses; Ornamental Fences, Gates, Arbors, Trellises, etc. Handsomely Illustrated with Plans, Elevations, and Perspective Views. Price, in paper, 80 cents; In muslin, 50 cents.

Every man who wishes to build a cheap and at the same time a handsome, comfortable, and convenient home for himself and family, should consult this popular and practical manual.

New Jersey Medical Reporter

A monthly Journal of Medical and Surgical Science. Edited by W. S. Butler, M. D. Burlington, 1855.

Arthur's Patent Air-tight Self-sealing Jars. For sale at 50 South 10th street, Philadelphia.

This mode of sealing from its facility promises much good, and beyond doubt is the best invention for preserving fruits yet introduced! It in fact makes easy what was previously just so difficult as to deter private families from the enjoyment of preserved fruits and vegetables, at periods when they are out of season.

New Jersey Scarlet

This variety is quite productive, and very good for the table, but is a few days later than the Philadelphia; is not scarlet, but of a dull dark red with a bad-looking surface; makes a bad appearance in market, and does not sell well. It has perfect flowers, and I think yours can not be genuine, because from the source from which I received mine, and comparing them with others, I have no doubt they are correct.