Tardive De Mons

Fruit, three inches and a half long, and two and a half wide; oblong-obovate, even and regularly formed. Skin, of an uniform yellow colour, paler on the shaded side, and with an orange tinge next the sun, strewed with large russety dots. Eye, large, clovelike, open, very slightly depressed. Stalk, an inch long, rather slender, obliquely inserted, not depressed. Flesh, white, tender, buttery, melting, and very juicy, rich, and sugary.

An excellent pear; ripe in November.

Tarling. See Easter Bergamotte. Tate Ribaut. See Cassolette.

Taynton Squash

Fruit, quite small; turbinate, even and regular in its outline. Skin, dull greenish yellow on the shaded side, and dull brownish red next the sun, the whole surface thickly dotted with rough russet dots. Eye, open, with recurved segments, full of stamens, set in a shallow depression and surrounded with plaits. Stalk, three-quarters of an inch long, slender, and inserted without depression, with generally a fleshy lip on one side of it. Flesh, white, with a brisk, sweet flavour.

A noted perry pear of Herefordshire.

Teste Ribaut. See Cassolette.

Teton de Venus. See Bellissime d'Hiver.

Teton de Vénus. See Gilogil.

Theodore Van Mons

Fruit, medium sized, two inches and a quarter wide, and two and three-quarters high; pyramidal. Skin, greenish yellow, strewed with russety dots and tracings of russet. Eye, closed, set in a small, uneven basin. Stalk, three-quarters of an inch long, inserted without depression. Flesh, yellowish white, juicy, and melting, richly flavoured, and with a fine perfume.

Ripe in October and November.

THÉRÈSe Appert

Fruit, above medium size, three inches and a quarter long, and two inches and a quarter wide; pyriform, rounded towards the eye, and tapering gradually to the stalk by two deep concave curves. Skin, of a dull yellow ground colour, mottled with green patches, and thickly covered with cinnamon-coloured russet dots, and here and there a small patch of russet; next the sun it has a few mottles of crimson. Eye, small and open, with erect acute segments, set in a very slight depression. Stalk, three-quarters of an inch long, fleshy, inserted without depression, sometimes a little on one side of the axis. Flesh, tender, buttery, and melting, rich, and with a pleasant, sprightly, vinous flavour, and a fine aroma.

An excellent early pear; ripe in the end of October, but keeps a very short time. It ought to be gathered before it is ripe.

This was raised by M. Andre Leroy, of Angers, and named after his granddaughter, eldest child of M. Eugène Appert.

Thiessoise. See Beurré d'Amanlis.

Thompson's (Vlesembeek)

Fruit, medium sized; obovate. Skin, pale yellow, and considerably covered with a coating and dots of pale cinnamon-coloured russet. Eye, open, set in a shallow basin. Stalk, an inch and a quarter long, inserted in an uneven cavity. Flesh, white, buttery and melting, very juicy, exceedingly rich and sugary, and with a fine aroma.

One of our best pears; ripe in November. The tree is quite hardy, an excellent bearer, and succeeds best on the pear stock.

This was raised by Van Mons, and being received from him by the Horticultural Society without a name, Mr. Sabine named it in honour of Mr. Robert Thompson.