Preparations. - 1. Ferri Chloridum. Ferric Chloride, FeCl3(Fe2-C16.12H2O). (Syn., Ferr. Chlor., Iron Perchloride, Sesquichloride of Iron, Ferrum Muriaticum Oxydatum, Ferri Perchloridum; Fr. Perchlorure de Fer, Chlorure ferrique; Ger. Ferrum sesquichloratum, Eisenchlorid.)

Manufacture: Evaporate on water-bath solution of ferric chloride 100 Gm. until it weighs 40 Gm., set aside to crystallize, break into pieces. It is in orange-yellow crystalline pieces, odorless or faint odor of hydrochloric acid, strongly styptic taste, very deliquescent, soluble in water (.2), alcohol, glycerin, ether, fuses at 35.5° C. (96° F.) to a reddish-brown liquid, strongly heated decomposes, leaving residue of ferric oxide; contains ferric chloride, FeCl3, in hydrated form corresponding to 20 p. c. of iron. Impurities: Heavy metals, ferrous salt, nitric acid. Dose, gr. 1-5 (.06-.3 Gm.).

2. Tinctura Ferri Chloridi. Tincture of Ferric Chloride. (Syn., Tr. Ferr. Chlor., Tinctura Ferri (Muriatis) Sesquichloridi; Br. Tinctura Ferri Perchloridi; Fr. Teinture de Perchlorure de Fer; Ger. Eisen-chloridtinktur.)

Manufacture: Mix solution of ferric chloride 35 Ml. (Cc.) with alcohol q. s. 100 Ml. (Cc). It is a bright, amber-colored, hydro-alcoholic liquid (solution), slight ethereal odor, very astringent, styptic taste, acid reaction, sp. gr. 1.000; contains ferric chloride, FeCl3, about 13 p. c, corresponding to 4.48 p. c. of iron. Tests: 1. With ammonia water - brownish-red precipitate; with potassium ferrocyanide T. S. - blue precipitate; with silver nitrate T. S. - white precipitate, insoluble in nitric acid. Impurities: Ferrous salt (due to reduction), nitric acid. Should be kept dark, in amber-colored, glass« stoppered bottles, and not dispensed for at least 3 months. Dose, ex-30 (.6-2 Ml. (Cc.)).

Prep.: 1. Liquor Ferri et Ammonii Acetatis. Solution of Iron and Ammonium Acetate. (Syn., Liq. Ferr. et Ammon. Acet., Basham's Mixture, Mistura Ferri et Ammonii Acetatis.) Manufacture: To solution of ammonium acetate 50 Ml. (Cc), which must be slightly acid, add, successively, diluted acetic acid 6 Ml. (Cc), tincture of ferric chloride 4, aromatic elixir 12, glycerin 12, water q. s. 100 Ml. (Cc). It is a clear, reddish-brown liquid, sweetish, saline, afterward slightly astringent taste, aromatic odor, acid reaction, sp. gr. 1.039. Tests: 1. With potassium ferrocyanide T. S. - blue precipitate, but the addition of ammonia water - no precipitate. 2. Heat with potassium hydroxide T. S. - ammonia evolved. 3. To 5 Ml. (Cc) add sulphuric acid and alcohol, each 1 Ml. (Cc) - ethyl acetate formed, recognized by odor; must not be dispensed unless recently prepared, as it deteriorates by age. Dose, 3j-4 (4-15 Ml. (Cc), diluted. Unoff. Preps.: Liquor Ferri Oxychloridi - 30 Ml. (Cc), precipitate with ammonia water 60 (both diluted), wash magma, add hydrochloric acid 3, glycerin 12.5, water q. s. 100. Liquor Ferri Albuminati - add to fresh egg albumen 6 Gm. (diluted) solution of ferric oxychloride 13, sodium citrate (dissolved) 1.25, aromatic elixir 40, alcohol 12, dist. water q. s. 100. Liquor Ferri Perchloridi (Br.) - 25 Ml. (Cc), water q. s. 100, dose, ex-30 (.6-2 Ml. (Cc)). Liquor Ferri Peptonati - solution of ferric oxychloride 12 p. c, fresh egg albumen 9, pepsin .1, hydrochloric acid .4, sodium citrate 2, +. Liquor Ferri Peptonati et Mangani - solution of ferric oxychloride 12 p. c, fresh egg albumen 9, pepsin .1, hydrochloric acid .4, soluble manganese citrate 1, sodium citrate 3.5, + Tinctura Ferri Chloridi AEtherea, 6 Ml. (Cc), ether 25, alcohol q. s. 100, decolorize in the sun. Tinctura Ferri Citro-Chloridi, 35 Ml. (Cc), sodium citrate 50, alcohol 15, water q. s. 100. Liquor Ferri Salicylatis - tincture of ferric citro-chloride 12.5 Ml. (Cc), sodium salicylate 12.5, ammonium carbonate .65, citric acid .85, glycerin 17.5, +. Syrupus Ferri Protochloridi, 5 p. c

Properties and Uses. - Liquor Ferri Chloridi - styptic, when injected into vessels coagulates blood; used to cure varices, hemorrhages, incontinence of urine, vesical catarrh, leucorrhoea, injection for aneurism, nasal polypi, erectile tumors; externally in varicose veins, hemorrhoids, vascular growths, ulcers, cancers, diphtheria, ophthalmia, chilblains, ingrown nails, ulcerated gums, gangrene, hydrocele, prolapsed rectum, sweating of the feet. Ferri Chloridum - powerful astringent, haemostatic; chiefly used locally for stanching hemorrhage, as in epistaxis, haemoptysis - by inhaling an atomized solution, leech-bites, on gums after teeth extracted, uterine ulcers, lupoid skin diseases. Tinctura Ferri Chloridi - tonic in scrofula, diuretic; gonorrhoea, gleet, leucorrhoea, dysury, hemorrhages from uterus, kidneys, bladder, erysipelas, scarlatina, diphtheria, purulent infection of the blood, 48 venereal warts, cancerous, fungous ulcers, injection in aneurisms, sweats, puerperal fever, chilblains, poisoning by rhus toxicodendron, acute articular rheumatism. Liquor Ferri et Am. Acetatis - albuminuria, chronic Bright's disease. The astringency of these preparations can be neutralized with sodium bicarbonate or citrate. They as well as all other acid preparations should be taken through a glass tube, to prevent the liquids coming into contact with the teeth. If this be impossible at times, the mouth should then be rinsed well with water in which an alkali has been dissolved.

Syrupus Ferri Iodidi. Syrup of Ferrous Iodide'. - (Syn., Syr. Ferr. Iod.; Fr. Sirop d'Todure de Fer; Ger. Sirupus Ferri jodati, Jodeisen-sirup.)

Manufacture: Mix, in a flask, iron (fine, bright wire - card teeth) 1.25 Gm., iodine 4.15 Gm., distilled water 15 Ml. (Cc), shake occasionally, checking reaction, if necessary, by placing flask in cold water, and when solution greenish and lost iodine odor, heat to boiling, add sugar 5 Gm., and when dissolved filter into sugar 52.5 Gm., rinse flask and iron wire with distilled water 12.5 Ml. (Cc), filter into the sugar, stir with glass rod, heat on water-bath until solution effected, strain into a tared bottle, add diluted hypophosphorous acid 2 Ml. (Cc), and distilled water q. s. 100 Gm. It is a transparent, pale yellowish-green, syrupy liquid, sweet, strongly ferruginous taste, slightly acid reaction, sp. gr. 1.350; contains 4.75-5.25 p. c. of ferrous iodide, FeI2. Test: 1. Mix 5 Ml. (Cc.) with a few drops of potassium ferricyanide T. S. - blue precipitate. Impurities: Free iodine, etc. Should be kept in completely filled, tightly-stoppered bottles. Dose, ex-40 (.6-2.6 Ml. (Cc.)), in water, after meals.