Hyoscyamus. To relieve pain and irritability Iodine and Iodides, 4 Iodoform. As suppository Milk Diet, 1 Opium. As enema, or suppository, to relieve pain Pareira. In chronic cases Potassium Bromide. To relieve the pain Potassium Chlorate Quinine. In acute cases Salicylic Acid, 4. In chronic cystitis with ammoniacal urine Sulphites. To prevent putrefaction of urine Triticum Repens, 1 Turpentine, 3, 4. In chronic cases Uva Ursi, 4. In chronic cases Zea Mays, 4. A mild stimulant diuretic


Acupuncture, 2

Chloride of Gold, 2. In ovarian dropsy


Iodine, 2. As an injection after tapping

Silver Nitrate, 2. As an injection


Ammonium Chloride

Cantharides. As ointment behind the ear

Colchicum. In gouty persons

Gargles. In throat-deafness

Glycerin, 3. Locally

Quinine. In Meniere's disease

Tannin, 3. In throat-deafness


Alcohol, 3. Along with food often very useful. Liable to abuse - not to be continued too long; effect watched in aged people with dry tongue

Arsenic, 3. In young anaemic persons, alone or with iron, and in elderly with feeble circulation.

Bitters. Useful as tonic

Calcium Salts, 3. Phosphates if from overwork or town life; hypophosphites in nervous debility

Cholagogue Purgatives. When debility is due to defective elimination of waste

Cinchona. A fresh infusion along with carbonate of ammonium

Cod-Liver Oil

Digitalis. When circulation is feeble

Eucalyptus. In place of quinine

Hydrastis. The same

Iron. In anaemic subjects

Manganese, 2. Alone or with iron

Morphine, 3. Subcutaneously, if due to onanism or hysteria

Nux Vomica. Most powerful general tonic

Quinine, 3. General tonic

Sanguinaria. When gastric digestion is feeble

Sarsaparilla. If syphilitic taint is present

Sea-Bathing, 3. In chronic illnesses with debility

Turkish Baths, 3. If due to tropical climate, with caution; in townspeople, when they become stout and flabby


Alcohol. When delirium is due to exhaustion Antimony. Along with opium in fever, such as typhus Baths, Cold. In fever Belladonna. In the delirium of typhus Blisters, 4. In delirium due to an irritant poison, and not to exhaustion Bromide of Potassium. In fevers Camphor. In 20-gr. doses every two or three hours in low-muttering delirium Cannabis Indica. In nocturnal delirium occurring in softening of the brain Chloral Hydrate, 3, 4. In violent delirium of fevers Cold Douche, 3. Place patient in warm bath while administered Hyoscyamus, 1 Morphine. Hypodermically Musk, 4. In the delirium of low fever, and in ataxic pneumonia of drunkards with severe nervous symptoms Opium. With tartar emetic Quinine, 1 Valerian, 4. In the delirium of adynamic fevers

Delirium Tremens.

Alcohol, 2. Necessary when the attack is due to a failure of digestion; not when it is the result of a sudden large excess Ammonium Carbonate. In debility Antimony, 4. Along with opium, to quiet maniacal excitement and give sleep

Delirium Tremens.

Arnica, 2. The tincture where there is great depression Beep-tea. Most useful Belladonna. In insomnia when coma-vigil Bromide of Potassium. In large doses, especially when an attack is threatening Brominated Camphor, 4. Nervine, sedative, and antispasmodic Butyl-Chloral Hydrate, 1 Cannabis Indica. Useful, and not dangerous Capsicum, 2. 20-30-gr. doses, repeated after three hours, to induce sleep Chloral Hydrate, 2. If the delirium follow a debauch; with caution in old topers and cases of weak heart; instead of sleep, sometimes produces violent delirium Chloroform, 2. Internally by stomach Cimicifuga. As a tonic Coffee

Cold Douche or Pack, 1, 3. For insomnia Conium. As an adjunct to opium Croton Oil, 4. Purgative Digitalis, 2, 3, 4. In large doses has had some success Enemata. Nutritive, when stomach does not retain food Food, nutritious, more to be depended upon than anything else Gamboge, 4 Hyoscyamus. Useful, like belladonna, probably, in very violent delirium Ice to Head, 3. To check vomiting Lupulin, 4. As an adjunct to more powerful remedies Opium. To be given with caution Potassium Bromide Quinine. To aid digestion Stramonium. More powerful than belladonna Sumbul. In insomnia and nervous depression preceding an attack Veratrum Viride, 4. Very dangerous


Belladonna. in convulsions

Bromide of Potassium. To lessen irritability and to stop convulsions Calumba. In vomiting and diarrhoea Hypophosphites. As tonic Phosphate op Calcium. When delayed or defective

Diabetes Insipidus.




Dry Diet, 2

Ergot, 2. Carried to its full extent

Gallic Acid. Combined with opium

Gold Chloride, 2. In a few cases

Jaborandi, 2. In some cases

Krameria. To lessen the quantity of urine

Muscarine, 2. In some cases

Nitric Acid

Opium. Most useful; large doses, if necessary

Potassium Iodide, 2. In syphilitic taint

Valerian. In large doses

Diabetes Mellitus.

Caution. - The urine of patients taking salicylic acid gives Trommels test for sugar.

Alkalies, 2. Alkaline waters are useful, when of hepatic origin, in obese subjects; and in delirium

Almond Bread

Ammonium Carbonate

Ammonium Citrate

Diabetes Mellitus.

Ammonium Phosphate

Arsenic, 3. In thin subjects

Belladonna. Pull doses

Calcium Sulphide

Codeine. A most efficient remedy. Sometimes requires to be pushed to the extent of 18 grs.

or more per diem Creasote Glycerin. As remedy, and as food in place of sugar Gold Chloride, 2 Hydrogen Peroxide Iron. Most useful along with morphine Jaborandi Krameria Lactic Acid Opium, 3, 4. Most useful Phosphoric Acid. To lessen thirst Potassium Bromide Quinine

Quinine Bromide, with morphine Quinine Sulphate Rhubarb