Foliage Green

One part of blue black may be mixed with four parts of lemon chrome. Use medium chrome yellow if a darker shade is required.

French Green

This is a bright yellowish green, which may be obtained by adding to emerald or deep chrome green about one-tenth part chrome yellow. Yellow ochre is sometimes used instead.

Gage Green

This is a variety of sage green. It may be made in the same way as pea green, and when that is reached a little black should be added to bring it to the required sage color.

Genuine Green

This is usually to be had ready mixed, but it varies considerably in name as well as in the exact tint.

Grass Green

The color sold as extra light chrome green makes a splendid grass green without any addition, but if it is not available, lighten up medium or dark chrome green with chrome yellow.

Green Slate

Tint white lead with a bright green toned down with ochre and lamp black.

Green Stone

Twelve parts white lead tinted with one part medium chrome green and one part of raw umber give this tint, or the tinting colors may be French ochre and emerald green with a little lamp black.

Gray Green

Use ultramarine blue, lemon chrome yellow, blue black and white lead.

Invisible Green

A dark green made by mixing nine parts of black and one of bright green.

Ivy Green

This is produced by a mixture of French ochre, lamp black and Prussian blue.

Leaf Bud

This color is suitable for inside work. It is made by mixing orange chrome yellow, light chrome green and white lead in equal proportions.

Light Green

Equal quantities of white and blue and rather more than twice the amount of green give a very good shade.

Light Olive Green

Mix three parts of middle chrome, two parts of black, and one part of burnt sienna and lighten up with white lead until the desired color is obtained.

Lime Green

This is sold ready for use, and is only suitable for distemper. It cannot be used with oil.

Manse Green

This is produced from a mixture of a bright green, medium chrome yellow and French ochre.

Marine Green

Mix one part of middle chrome green with four of black.


A green of this name may be purchased ready made. It is very similar to middle Brunswick green.


This is a dark green shade, obtained by mixing one part of chrome yellow and one of Prussian blue with three parts of chrome green and fifteen parts of black.


This is a dark sage-yellow greenish shade. It may be obtained by mixing six parts of Prussian blue, thirteen of chrome green, three of orange chrome, eight of "white, and twenty of black.

Moss Green

Tint white lead with French ochre, a bright green and a little lamp black.

Moss Rose

This pale greenish shade is obtained by mixing chrome or Brunswick green, bright yellow and white in the proportions of one part green, four of yellow and three of white.