Aloys Von Negrelli

Aloys Von Negrelli, an Austrian engineer, born at Primiero, Tyrol, Jan. 23, 1799, died in Vienna, Oct. 1, 1858. From 1832 to 1840 he was employed in Switzerland, and constructed the first Swiss railway, from Zurich to the German frontier. Subsequently he was chief inspector of the Austrian northern railway till 1849, when he became general director of public works. He was at the head of all Austrian railways from 1855 to 1857, when about a year before his death the viceroy of Egypt placed him in charge of the works connected with the cutting of the isthmus of Suez.

Alphens Spring Packard

Alphens Spring Packard, jr., an American naturalist, born in Brunswick, Me., Feb. 19, 1839. He graduated at Bowdoin college in 1861, passed three years in the museum of comparative zoology at Cambridge, Mass., part of the time in charge of the department of entomology, and in 1864 received the degree of M. I), from the Maine medical college. He has made several scientific expeditions; is lecturer on entomology at Bowdoin college; is a curator of the Peabody academy of sciences at Salem, Mass., and one of the editors of the "American Naturalist" published by the academy; and editor of the "Annual Record of Entomology," begun in 1868. He has published "Observations on the Glacial Phenomena of Labrador and Maine, with a View of the Recent Invertebrate Fauna of Labrador" (4to, Boston, 1867); "A Guide to the Study of Insects" (1869); "Our Common Insects" (1873); and "Half Hours with Insects" (1875).

Alvah Hovey

Alvah Hovey, an American clergyman, born in Thetford, Vt., March 5, 1820. He graduated at Dartmouth college in 1844. Having taught in the academy at New London one year, he studied theology at Newton, Mass., completing the course in 1848. He was pastor of the Baptist church at New Gloucester, Me., for one year, and in 1850 returned to Newton theological institution, and taught in the department of Biblical literature till 1853. He became professor of ecclesiastical history in 1853 and of theology and Christian ethics in 1855, which latter post he still retains (1874). He received the degree of D. D. from Brown university in 1856. He has published a translation of Perthes's " Life of Chrysostom," jointly with the Rev. D. B. Ford (Boston, 1854); " Life and Times of Backus" (1858); "The State of the Impenitent Dead" (1859); "The Miracles of Christ as Attested by the Evangelists" (1863); "The Scriptural Law of Divorce" (1866); and " Religion and the State" (1874).

Amadee Noe

See Cham.

Amadens Gottfried Adolf Muloter

Amadens Gottfried Adolf Muloter, a German dramatist, born at Langendorf, near Weissen-fels, Oct. 18, 1774, died in Weissenfels, June 11, 1829. He practised for some time as a lawyer, and wrote on jurisprudence; but he is best known by his dramas Der zwanund-zwanzigste Febraar and Die Schuld, which were among the most popular productions of the fatalistic dramatic school. His miscellaneous writings were published in 2 vols. (Stuttgart, 1824-'6), and his dramatic works in 7 vols. (Brunswick, 1828). The hundredth anniversary of his birth was celebrated at Weis-senfels in 1874.

MlLOCK, Dinah Maria. See Craik.