Buczacz, a town of Austria, in eastern Gali-cia, 83 m. S. E. of Lemberg; pop. in 1869, 8,173. It has a gymnasium, which is conducted by the Basilian monks. On Oct. 18, 1672, a peace was concluded here between Turkey and Poland, in which the latter country ceded Podolia and the Ukraine.


See Bude.

Budayoon, Or Budaou

Budayoon, Or Budaou, a town of British India, capital of a district of the same name, in Rohilcund, 125 m. E. S. E. of Delhi; pop. 20,-000. It was occupied by the sepoy mutineers, and a body of liberated prisoners from Bareilly, June 1, 1857. The Europeans escaped by flight. Gen. Whitelock captured the town April 19, 1858, after an engagement in which the sepoys lost 500 men and 4 guns.

Bude Light

Bude Light, the name given to the method of increasing the light of coal gas, or of argand burners of lamps, by introducing oxygen gas into the interior of the hollow flame. The process was contrived by Mr. Goldsworthy Gurney, of Cornwall, England, and called Bude light from the name of his residence. The materials consumed to produce light burn to waste in the ordinary hollow flame; only the outer portion of this is exposed to the oxygen of the atmosphere, and the gases in the interior are carried off only partially consumed. By directing a current of oxygen gas upward through the internal cavity of the flame, all the gases meet the full supply of this element, and thorough combinations take place, with greatly increased vividness of light. It is a process, however, that can only be advantageously conducted upon a large scale. According to the quantity of oxygen supplied, the color of the light varies from perfect white to red.


Budweis (Czech, Budegovice), a fortified town of Bohemia, on the Moldau, 77 m. S. of Prague; pop. in 1870, 17,413. It is the seat of a Roman Catholic bishop, and contains a cathedral, a council house, two gymnasia, and flourishing manufactures of woollen, damasks, muslins, etc. The railway, completed in 1832, which connects Budweis with Linz, was the first one built in Germany. Near by is the Schloss Frauenberg, one of the seats of Prince Schwarzenberg, attached to which is a park containing 800 wild swine.

Buen Ayre, Or Bonaire

Buen Ayre, Or Bonaire, a small island in the Dutch West Indies, 25 m. E. of Curacoa, used as a penal depot; pop. about 4,000. It is a highland, sloping to the S. W., on which side there is a very good roadstead. The principal trade of the island is in salt, but cochineal is also produced.

Buff Leather

Buff Leather, a strong soft preparation of bull's or elk's hide, which was worn under the mail armor of the middle ages, to deaden the effect of a blow. As armor fell into disuse, buff coats, which would turn a broadsword cut, and even a pistol ball, were often worn in lieu of complete steel, either with or without a cuirass and gorget of metal. Modern buff leather, of which soldiers' crossbelts and other accoutrements are frequently made, is for the most part made of common buckskin.