Ednard Karl Emanuel Jachmann

Ednard Karl Emanuel Jachmann, a German naval officer, born in Dantzic, March 2,1822. He rose from the most inferior station to be one of the directors in 1857-'9 of the newly established Prussian admiralty, and commander of an expedition to China in 1862. In March, 1864, he defeated the Danes at Jas-mund on the island of Rugen. In 1867 he became chief of the ministry of marine, and in 1868 vice admiral, and contributed greatly to the organization and efficiency of the service. During the Franco-German war (1870-'71) he was commander-in-chief of the Baltic fleet; and on Dec. 31, 1871, he was placed at the head of the imperial navy.

Ednard Maria Oettliger

Ednard Maria Oettliger, a German author, born of Jewish parents in Breslau, Nov. 19, 1808, died June 26, 1872. He completed his education in Vienna, adopted the Roman Catholic religion, and became a journalist, editing various journals, mostly humorous, in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Mannheim, and Leipsic. He wrote several romances; including "The Pang of Nostradamus" (1838), "Uncle Zebra" (1842-'3), " The Grammar of Marriage " (1844), "Sophie Arnould " (1847), "Potsdam and Sans-Souci" (1848), and "Jerome Napoleon and his Capri" (1853). Among his bibliographical works are Archives historiques (1841), and Bibliogrcqrfiie biograpliique (1850; enlarged ed., Brussels, 1854). His last years were spent in poverty and blindness. He left an unfinished work entitled Le moniteur des dates.

Ednard Morike

Ednard Morike, a German poet, born at Ludwigslust, Wurtemberg, Sept. 8, 1804. He attended the gymnasium of Stuttgart, prepared himself at Urach and Tubingen for the ministry, and was for a while a pastor. But ill health impelled his retirement, and he was a teacher at Stuttgart till 1866. He is one of the best of the Swabian poets, and has made excellent translations of Anacreon and Theocritus. His works include Maler Nolten, a novel (Stuttgart, 1832); Gedichte (1838; 4th ed., 1867); Idylle vom Bodensee (1846; 2d ed., 1856); Das Stuttgarter Hutzelmannlein, a fairy tale (1853); Vier Erzahlungen; and Mozart auf Reise nach Prag, a novel (1856). Lachner set to music his opera Die Regeribril-der, and Hetsch and F. Kaufimann many of his songs and ballads.

Ednard Poppig

Ednard Poppig, a German naturalist, born in Plauen, Saxony, July 16, 1798, died atWah-ren, near Leipsic, Sept. 4, 1868. He was educated in Leipsic and Grimma, and devoted himself from the first to the study of natural sciences. In early life he made scientific explorations in Cuba, the United States, and South America. He was the first to ascend (1829) the volcanic mountain Antuco in Chili, and spent several years among the aborigines in the province of Maynas, who escorted him when he descended the Amazon on his journey to Para. He was professor of zoology in the university of Leipsic from 1833 till his death, and founded there the celebrated zoological museum. His principal works are: Beise in C7iile, Peru und auf dem Arnazohenstrom (2 vols., Leipsic, 1835), and Nova Genera ac Species Plantarum (3 vols., 1835-'45, the first volume with contributions by Endlicher).