Kurrachee (Karatchi), the capital of Sind and the chief port of entry for the Punjab, stands at the northern end of the great Indus delta, and close to the frontier of Beluchistan. It is 1169 miles by rail (about 700 direct) SW. of Delhi. Kurrachee has an extensive harbour, sheltered by a breakwater and a long reef, with a fixed light 120 feet high. The landing-place is on Kiamari Island, which is connected with the town by the Napier mole, 3 miles long. The harbour improvements, completed in 1873, cost 450,000; there is now a lowest depth over the bar of 20 feet. The Frere municipal hall (with a library and museum) was named after Sir Bartle Frere, of whom there is also a statue here. To the east and north are the cantonments, and, close by, a public garden of 40 acres. There are ironworks and large cotton presses in the town, the cotton of Sind and the Punjab forming art important article of export, though less so than wheat and oil-seeds. The annual trade of the port has risen to above 7,000,000; the inland trade extends to Afghenistan and Beluchistan. Pop. (1881) 73,560; (1901) 115,407. See Baillie, Kurrachee, Past, Present, and Future (1890).