Damson Ice

1 qt. damsons, 1 pint syrup, 1/2 pint water. Mix as peach ice. Magnum bonums, Orleans, greengages, or any other plum may be done in the same way.

Filbert Ice Cream

(1) 1 qt. cream, 1 lb. nuts, 12 oz. sugar or 1 pint syrup; break the nuts, roast the kernels in the oven; pound with a little cream, make a custard, and finish as almond ice. (2) Burnt. Same proportions; put the kernels into the syrup, boil until they crack; stir the sugar with a spatula, that it may grain and adhere to the nuts; when cold, pound with the sugar quite fine; make a custard and mix them with it, allowing for the sugar that is used for the nuts; mix and freeze as the others.

. Ginger

6 oz. preserved ginger, 1 qt. cream, 1/2 pint of the syrup from the ginger, sufficient sugar to sweeten with, juice of 2 lemons; pound the ginger in a mortar, add the cream, and freeze.

Gooseberry Water Ice

2 lb. ripe gooseberries (red hairy sort), 1 lb. cherries, 1 pint syrup, 1 pint water, juice of 2 lemons; mash the fruit, pass through a sieve, mix with the syrup and water, and freeze.

Lemon Ice Cream

6 large lemons, 1 qt. cream, and 12 oz. sugar, or J pint syrup; grate the peels of 3 lemons into a basin, squeeze the juice to it, let stand for 2 or 3 hours, strain, add the cream and syrup, and freeze or mix as orange.

Lemon Water Ice

1/2 pint lemon-juice, 1/2 pint water, 1 pint syrup, peels of 4 lemons rubbed on sugar (or the yellow rind pared or grated off, and the juice squeezed to it in a basin), let remain for an hour or two, strain, mix, and freeze; whip the whites of 3 eggs to a strong froth, with a little sugar, as for meringues; when the ice is beginning to set, work well in; freeze to required consistence; if to be served in glasses, the meringue may be added after it has been frozen.

Liqueur Cream Ice

(1) As noyau, flavour with the different liqueurs from which each is named. (2) Put 1 qt. cream into the ice-pot with 6 oz. sugar, which place in the ice; work well about the sides with a whisk for 5 minutes; add a glassful of liqueur, work together; whisk the whites of 2 eggs to a strong froth, add 2 oz. sugar, mix well with the cream, and freeze to the required consistence.

Liqueur Water Ice

Lemon ice, using less water, and making up the deficiency with liqueur; if the taste of the lemon prevails too much, add more water and' syrup to correct.

Mille Fruit Ice Cream - Flavour a lemon cream ice with elder flowers, mix in some preserved dried fruits and peels cut in small pieces. Before it is moulded, sprinkle with prepared cochineal, and mix a little, that it may appear marbled.

Mille Fruit Water Ice

Make a good lemon ice, with 1 pint syrup, 1/2 pint water, and as much strained lemon-juice as will give the desired flavour, with some elder flowers infused in syrup; when frozen, add some preserved green fruits and peels cut into small dice; sprinkle with prepared cochineal, and mix in a little to give a veined appearance.

Noyau Cream Ice

Custard cream, and flavour with noyau; finish as almond ice.

Orange Ice Cream

(1) 6 Seville oranges, 3 lemons, 1 qt. cream, 12 oz. sugar or syrup; rub the yellow rind of 2 or 3 of the oranges on part of the sugar, scrape off with a knife, squeeze out the juice of the oranges and leinonb, and strain; mix with the cream and the sugar on which the rind was rubbed, add the other part of the sugar, dissolve, and freeze. (2) 8 China oranges, 2 lemons, 1 qt. cream, 12 oz. sugar; rub the rind of 4 or 5 of the oranges and 1 lemon on sugar, squeeze, strain the juice; add the cream, mix, and freeze.

Orange Water Ice

1 pint China orange juice, 1 pint syrup, 1/2 pint water, juice of 4 large lemons. Rub the yellow rind of 4 oranges and 2 lemons on sugar, scrape off, and mix with the strained juice, syrup, and water.


As apricot.

Peach Water Ice

1 lb. pulp of ripe peaches, 1/2 pint syrup, 1/2 pint water, juice of 2 lemons. Mix as apricot. If the fruit is not ripe enough to pulp, open and take out the stones, put in a stewpan with the syrup and water, boil until tender, and pass through a sieve; mix in the pounded kernels; when cold, freeze.

Pear Water Ice

As apple.

Pine-apple - (I) Fresh Fruit - 1 lb. fresh pine-apple, 1/2 pint syrup in which a pine has been preserved, 2 or 3 slices pine-apple cut in small dice, juice of 3 lemons; pound or grate the pine-apple, pass through a sieve, mix with 1 qt. cream, and freeze. (2) Preserved fruit - 8 oz. preserved pine apple, 1 qt. cream, juice of 3 lemons, sufficient pine syrup to sweeten it; pound the preserved pine, mix lemons with the cream, and freeze.

Pine-Apple Water Ice

(1) 1/2 pint pine syrup, 1 pint water, juice of 2 lemons, 3 or 4 slices preserved pine cut into small dice; mix and freeze. (2) Fresh. - 1 lb. pine-apple, 1 pint syrup, 1/2 pint water, juice of 2 lemons. Cut the pine in pieces, put into a stewpan with the syrup and water, and boil until tender; pass through a sieve, add the lemon-juice with 2 or 3 slices of the pine cut in small dice, mix, and when cold freeze.

Pistachio Fee Cream

1 qt. cream, 8 oz. pistachios, 12 oz. sugar; blanch and pound the pistachios with a little of the cream; mix and finish as orgeat, flavouring with essence of cedrat, or the rind of a fresh citron rubbed on sugar; or the custard may be flavoured by boiling in it a little cinnamon and mace and the rind of a lemon; colour with spinach.

Punch Water Ice

Make a good lemon ice, or use some orange juice with the lemons, in the proportion of 1 orange to 2 lemons; either rub off the yellow rind of the lemons on sugar, or pare it very thin, and soak it in the spirit for a few hours; when the ice is beginning to set, work in the whites of 3 eggs to each qt., beaten to a strong froth, and mixed with sugar as for meringue, or add the whites without whisking; when nearly frozen, take the pot from the ice, and mix well with it some rum and brandy (the prevailing flavour distinguishes it as rum-punch or brandy-punch ice); after the spirit is well mixed, replace the pot and finish freezing. Champagne, arrack, or tea may be added.


(1) Fresh fruit. 1 qt. raspberries, 1 qt. cream, 3/4 to 1 lb. sugar; a few ripe currants and gooseberries or cherries may be added, instead of all raspberries, and the juice of 2 lemons; mash the fruit, pass through a sieve to take out the skins and seeds, mix with the other articles, add a little prepared cochineal to heighten the colour, put it in the pot, and freeze. All ices made with red fruit require this addition of cochineal. (2) Jam. 1 lb. jam, 1 qt. cream, about 6 oz. sugar or syrup, and the juice of 2 lemons. Mix as before.

Raspberry Water Ice

1 qt. ripe raspberries, 4 oz. ripe cherries and currants, 1/2 pint syrup, 1/2 pint water, juice of 2 lemons. Mash the fruit, pass the juice through a sieve, mix the syrup water and lemon with it, and freeze.

Ratafia Cream

1 qt. cream, as for brown bread, 6 or 8 oz. ratafia cakes crumbled quite fine; mix with the cream when frozen.

Roman Punch Ice

Make 1 qt. lemon ice, and flavour with rum, brandy, champagne, and Maraschino; when frozen, to each quart take the whites of 3 eggs, and whip to a very strong froth; boil 1/2 lb. sugar to the ball, and rub it with a spoon or spatula against the sides to grain it; when it turns white, mix quickly with the white of egg, stir lightly together, when cold add it to the ice; mix well together, and serve in glasses; less sugar must be used in the ice, so as to allow for that which is used in making the meringue..


As raspberry.

Strawberry Water Ice

2 pottles best scarlet pines, 1 pint syrup, 1/2 pint water, juice of 2 lemons. Mix as currant. All red fruits require a little prepared cochineal to heighten the colour.

Swiss Padding

Take 1 1/2 pint cream, and 1/2 pint milk, and make into a custard, with 7 yolks of eggs; flavour with Curacoa, Maraschino, or rum; freeze the custard, and add about 1/4 lb. dried cherries, orange, lemon, and citron peel, and currants; mix in the iced custard. The Curagoa or rum may be poured over the fruit when you commence freezing, or before. Prepare the mould, which is melon shaped, opening in the centre with a hinge. Strew over the inside with clean currants, fill and close; immerse in some fresh ice mixed with salt. Before turning out, prepare a dish as follows: - Make a little custard, and flavour with brandy; dissolve some isinglass in water or milk, and when nearly cold add sufficient to the custard to set it; pour into the dish you intend to serve on. As soon as set, turn the pudding on it, and serve.

Tea Ice

1 qt. cream, 2 oz. best green tea, 12 oz. sugar; put the tea into a cup, pour on a little cold river water in which has been dissolved a portion of carbonate of soda (about as much as may be placed on a fourpenny piece), let remain for an hour or two, add boiling water sufficient to make a very strong infusion; or cold water in proportion, letting it soak longer, when a superior infusion will be obtained; strain, and add to the cream and eggs. Finish as the others.

Vanilla Ice

1 qt. cream, 1/2 oz. vanilla, 12 oz. sugar; cut the vanilla into small pieces, and pound with the sugar until quite fine; add to the cream and eggs, make into a custard, strain, and when cold freeze.