Take treble-refined sugar with a good grain, pound, and pass through a coarse hair sieve; sift again in a lawn sieve, as the sugar, when too fine, makes the drops compact, and destroys their brilliancy. Put some of the coarse sugar into a small drop pan (with a lip on the right side, so that when held in the left hand the drops may be detached from it with the right), moisten with any aromatic spirit, and sufficient water to make it of a consistence just to drop off the spoon or spatula without sticking to it. Colour with any colour ground fine and moistened with a little water. Place the pan on the stove fire, on a ring of the same size. Stir occasionally until it makes a noise, when it is near boiling: do not let it boil; take from the fire and stir well with the spatula until of the consistence that when dropped it will not spread too much, but retain a round form on the surface. If too thin, add a little of the coarse sugar, reserved for the purpose, and made of the thickness required. Have very smooth plates, of tin or copper, quite clean; drop on these, separating the sugar from the lip of the pan with a piece of straight wire, as regularly as possible. About 2 hours afterwards they may be taken off with a thin knife. If you have no plates, drop on smooth cartridge paper.

Wet the back of the paper to take them off. Cover the bottom of a sieve with paper, lay them on, and put in the stove for a few hours, but not long enough to deprive them of their fragrance.


1 lb. sugar, 3 oz. catechu. Make as violet. May also add musk or ambergris - about 15 gr.


1 lb. sugar, 1 oz. chocolate. Scrape the chocolate to powder, mix with the sugar in coarse grains, moisten with clean water, and proceed; do not mix more than can be dropped out whilst warm at one time. If any remains in the pot, it will grease the next, and will not attain the consistence required.


1 oz. cinnamon, 1 lb. sugar. Pulverize the cinnamon, and sift through a lawn sieve. Mix with the sugar, and add 2 or 3 drops of the essential oil if the flavour is not strong enough. Moisten with water and proceed. The flavour may be given with essential oil only, colouring with bole ammoniac.


As cinnamon.


1 oz. coffee, 1 lb. sugar. Make a strong clear infusion of coffee, as for coffee ice, and use to moisten the sugar. Make the drops as chocolate.


Mix sufficient best powdered ginger to give the desired taste, or flavour with essence of ginger, and colour with saffron. Moisten with water, and make as others.


Rub the yellow rind of lemons on a piece of rough sugar, scrape off, and mix with the coarse sugar. Use sufficient to give a good flavour, and colour with saffron; moisten with water, as others.

Orange - Flower

Use orange - flower water to moisten the sugar, or flavour with essence of neroli and moisten with water.


Make milk of almonds, using a little orange-flower water; moisten the sugar with it.


Moisten the sugar with peppermint water, or flavour with essence of peppermint, and moisten with water.


Press the juice of ripe raspberries through a piece of flannel, and moisten the sugar with it.


Moisten the sugar with rose water, and colour with cochineal.


As cinnamon, using a little sugar to pound the vanilla; or may be moistened with essence of vanilla, but this greases it as chocolate.


1 lb. sugar, 1 oz. orris powder; moisten, and colour violet.

All fruit drops are made with expressed juice, except orange. When you first rub the rind of the fruit on sugar, squeeze the pulp of the fruit, and pass through a hair sieve. Scrape off the sugar on which the rind was rubbed, mix with sufficient pulp to give the desired flavour, and moisten with water. These grease the sugar, and require the same precautions as chocolate drops.