Sundaes may be easily made at home from a foundation cream, at much less expense than when purchased at a soda fountain. The number is legion, the limit to imagination alone curtailing the varieties that may be made.

The following combinations may prove useful in suggesting various types which may be easily and quickly prepared. They are usually served in sherbert or frappe glasses. These may be procured as low as ten cents apiece in various styles.

Chocolate Sundae

Vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, hot or cold, or chocolate syrup.

Chocolate Nut Sundae

Add chopped walnuts or hickory nuts to the chocolate sauce just before using on vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate Peppermint Sundae

Vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce, the latter flavored sparingly with essence of peppermint.

Maple Sundae Pour maple sauce over vanilla ice cream.

Maple Nut Sundae

Add chopped hickory nuts, walnut meats, or chopped pecans to the syrup used in making maple sundae. Or sprinkle vanilla ice cream thickly with fresh-scraped new maple sugar and chopped nut meats in equal proportions.

Caramel Marshmallow Sundae

Prepare caramel sauce, adding the marshmallows while hot. Pour hot over vanilla ice cream.

Apple Sauce Sundae

Vanilla ice cream, baked apple sauce, and whipped cream, topped with a candied cherry.

Baked Apple Sundae

Peeled apples halved and baked in syrup; vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and a sprinkling of candied orange peel.

Charlotte Russe Sundae

Line deep sherbet glasses with halved lady fingers, and put in a tablespoonful of preserved strawberries or raspberries, or of crushed and sweetened fresh fruit. Top with vanilla or chocolate ice cream, or strawberry ice cream, and garnish with whipped cream.

Orange Marmalade Sundae

Vanilla ice cream, with orange marmalade, not too bitter, slightly melted and poured over the top.

Banana Sundae

Peel bananas and split lengthwise; sprinkle with powdered sugar and a little orange juice; arrange on a plate together with two or three spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream and pour over preserved strawberries or raspberries, or sweetened crushed fruit. Whipped cream may be added if desired.

Sponge Cake Sundae

Bake sponge cake in individual pans. Allow one cake to each person. Place in the center of a plate; pour over hot chocolate sauce, and place a small spoonful of vanilla ice cream on each side.

Fudge Sundae

Vanilla ice cream with fudge sauce poured over while hot. To keep fudge sauce for some time, put it in a chafing dish and thin it occasionally with a little rich milk or cream so that it will not become stiff. For the sauce, use the fudge frosting recipe.

Daisy Sundae

Chocolate ice cream, packed into sherbet glasses and garnished with shredded almonds, and yellow candies to simulate daisy centres.

Rose Cup

Pistachio ice cream and vanilla ice cream arranged so that they will fill a sherbet glass - one side white and the other green - tracing the dividing line with candied rose leaves; serve on doily-covered plates, each one garnished with a pink rose.

Ginger Sundae

Orange ice cream or orange nut mousse, sprinkled with chopped preserved ginger and a little of the syrup.

Maple Cocoanut Sundae

Maple ice cream sprinkled with cocoanut and a little maple syrup, or whipped cream.

Violet Cup

Nougat mousse with a garnish of whipped cream and candied violets.

Frozen Strawberry Sundae

Half fill sherbet glasses with a mixture of equal parts of cubed canned pineapple, diced oranges and halved strawberries, well-sweetened. Top with the mixture for Frozen Strawberries, or Strawberry Ice.

Stuffed Peach Sundae

Chill canned peaches, and fill the hollows with raspberry jam. Half fill sherbet glasses with French ice cream, put in the peach halves, curved sides up, and top with whipped cream. Garnish with shredded candied cherries.

Figolette Sundae

2 cupfuls water

3/4 cupful sugar

3/4 cupful chopped figs

1/2 cupful chopped walnuts 1/4 cupful maple syrup Vanilla ice cream

Boil together the sugar, water and figs for fifteen minutes, then add the maple syrup, and, when cold, the walnuts. Serve on individual portions of ice cream.

Raisine Sundae

2 cupfuls water

1/2 cupful chopped, seeded raisins 3/4 cupful sugar

Grating lemon rind

1 cupful cubed canned pears

Orange or vanilla ice cream

Boil together the water, raisins and sugar about fifteen minutes; add the lemon rind and pears. Let stand to become very cold. Arrange small portions of ice cream in individual serving glasses, put a heaping tablespoonful of the mixture over each, and serve garnished with a tiny cluster of raisins.

Cream Puff Surprise

Fill cream puffs with vanilla ice cream, and pour over hot fudge sauce.