Ribbon Blanc Mange

1 box Cox's gelatine. 1 pint cold water. 3 cupfuls milk. 2 1/4 cupfuls sugar.

2 eggs, yolks only.

2 tablespoonfuls chocolatd grated. A little red syrup.

Soak the gelatine in the cold water for two hours. Put the sugar and milk in a double boiler; when it begins to boil, add the gelatine and stir it till dissolved. Remove and strain it; and divide it into four parts. Have ready a scalloped tin cake-mould, with a tube in the centre. Wet it, pour in one part of the blanc mange, and set it in a cold place.

Into the second part stir the beaten yolks. Into the third, mix any kind of bright-colored preserve-syrup, jelly, or prepared cochineal. Into the fourth, stir the chocolate, previously dissolved in a little of the hot milk. Set the vessels containing the different portions into one of hot water. When the white mixture begins to stiffen, pour in the yellow, which should be boiled a minute to cook the eggs. When that is a little stiff, add the pink; and when that is ready, the chocolate.

When firm, turn out, and put a large, bright-colored flower in the centre, if you want the dish very pretty. This or a plain conical mould shows the colors to better advantage than a fancy shape.

Chocolate Gelatine Blanc Mange

1 quart milk. 1 oz. Cooper's gelatine. 3 eggs (yolks and whites sepa-rate) . 3/4 cupful sugar.

5 tablespoonfuls grated chocolate.

1 teaspoonful vanilla, if you like.

Soak the gelatine in one cupful of the milk for fifteen minutes. Put the rest in a double-boiler, and heat to the boiling-point Dissolve the chocolate in a few spoonfuls of the hot milk. Have ready the yolks of the eggs beaten with the sugar. Mix these with the chocolate thoroughly. Pour the hot milk over the mixture, stirring fast, to prevent curdling. Return to the fire and boil a minute, stirring all the time. Remove, and when partly cool stir in lightly the beaten whites of the eggs and the vanilla. Pour into wet moulds, and set in a cold place. It will take twelve hours to harden.

Makes two large moulds.

A pretty way to serve this is to put it in a tin cakemould with a tube in the middle. When stiff, turn it out, and heap "Whipped Cream" in the hole in the middle and around the base.

Almond Blanc Mange

1 oz. isinglass. 1 quart new milk (warm).

2 oz. "blanched almonds."

A little rose-water.

3/4 cupful sugar.

Soak and dissolve the isinglass in the milk. Pound the almonds in a marble mortar, working them to a smooth paste with the rose-water. Add them to the milk while warm, sweeten, and pour the whole into wet moulds. When stiff, turn out, and serve with cream and sugar.

Rice Blanc Mange

1 cupful raw rice (washed). 3 pints water (cold).

1 cupful sugar.

1 lemon (grated rind only).

A little salt.

A little cinnamon. 1/2 cupful cream.

1/2 cupful preserve-juice or jelly (may be omitted).

Boil the rice in the water till every grain is dissolved and the water displaced by a thick paste of rice.

Stir into it the sugar and lemon rind, salt and cinnamon.

Beat the cream to a stiff froth and stir into the rice. Then mix in the preserve juice or jelly, which should be of a bright color.

Pack the blanc mange in wet moulds. When stiff, turn out and serve with custard or cream.