Easter Sunday

"RESURRECTION is the silver lining to the dark clouds of death, and we know the sun is shining beyond."

Easter brings joy to the festival. Let the table decorations be fresh and dainty. The dominant dish should be eggs - eggs and eggs, over again.

In pagan days, the use of eggs in the spring was symbolical of nature - "the bursting forth of life." With the Christians, it symbolizes the resurrection: "From death - Life." The free use of eggs on Easter has now generally become a custom with all nations, whether that nation acknowledges its religious significance or not.

White and green are the most appropriate colors for decoration. White china and pure white linen, with Easter lilies for a centerpiece, make an ideal looking table. Hard-boiled eggs sliced crosswise, make pretty garnishings for the different dishes. On this special day, for breakfast, let the eggs be cooked to order as best pleases each individual fancy. This privilege will be greatly appreciated, especially by the little folks, who like innovations.




Grape Nut and cream

Eggs, Hashed Potatoes,

"to order" in cream


Griddle Cakes and maple syrup



Consomme,with egg-balls

Roast Lamb and mint sauce

Greens, with hard-boiled eggs

Egg and Watercress Salad

Strawberry Ice Cream

Easter Cakelets



Welch Rarebit Filberts Eggs, in jelly

Easter Eggs Palm Cake

Russian Tea

(The above recipes and many similar ones are found within the pages of this book).

It is a pretty custom to exchange souvenirs on Easter mornings. The candy rabbit and bonbon box of speckled eggs, fill quite a place in the boy's heart and help him remember happily the day.

A pretty custom in my girlhood was the rolling of the colored eggs out of doors on the day following Easter. I am told that this custom is now quite modern - that the children in our Capital city all repair to the White House grounds to roll their eggs, and that our Presidents, as well as the wee folks, enjoy the sport. Long live the Presidents!

Menu - Fourth Of July

" 'Rah! 'Rah! for the jolly old Fourth of July!"

The United States is the only country with a known birthday. All the rest began, they know not when, and grew into power, they know not how. If there had been no Independence Day, England and America combined would not be so great as each actually is. There is no "Republican," no "Democrat," on the Fourth of July - all are Americans. All feel that their country is greater than party. - James G. Blaine.

Let it not be forgotten that patriotism is one of the positive lessons to be taught in every home. Everything learned should be flavored with a genuine love of country. Every glorious fact in the nation's history should be emphasized. Every person should feel that he is entitled to a share, not only in the blessings conferred by his government, but also in the rich memories and glorious achievements of his country. - Richard Edwards.

[Directions for the decoration of a dining-room on the Fourth of July are almost superfluous. Only flags, banners, bunting and flowers, representing the colors of the country are required to make it delightfully attractive.]


Red Raspberries and cream

Fried Chicken

Sliced Tomatoes

Creamed New Potatoes

Wheat Muffins Coffee



Roast Lamb, mint "sauce" New Potatoes, boiled

Green Peas Spinach, with eggs

Cucumber Salad

Red, White and Blue Ice Cream

Chocolate Macaroons




Chicken Mold

Radishes Water-cress Salad

Sally Lum

White Sponge Cake

Blackberries Tea

(The above recipes and many similar ones are found within the pages of this book).

Supper IdealCookbook 10

Halloween Party

While the dictionary definition of Halloween is rather different than the modern small boy's interpretation of it would indicate, yet we say with all earnestness, give the boys a good time occasionally, and why not on Halloween?

"Wi' merry songs, and friendly crack, I wat they did na weary; And unco tales, an' funnie jokes, Their sports were cheap and cheary."

- "Bobbie" Burns.

Halloween Party IdealCookbook 11Halloween Party IdealCookbook 12

Boys will be far less apt to carry off the clothes-posts, unhinge the gates, and make night hideous, if you give them a party in keeping with the occasion - a party where tin horns form the first course at the dinner-table - where colored paper napkins, folded to represent the "jack-be-nimble" and "jack-be-quicks," "toads," "monkeys," and "parrots"; where paper caps adorn the head and where jack-lanterns adorn the room. Such an evening makes glad even the heart of Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben. And so, why not the boys?


Bouillon, de Jolly Boys

Celery Kindergarten Crackers

Turtle Sandwiches

Little Pigs in Blankets Orange Jelly

Olives a la Natural History

Sugar Off, with maple syrup Nut Cartoons


Turtle Sandwiches.

Turtle Sandwiches.

Turtle Sandwiches.

Turtle Sandwiches.

(The above recipes and many similar ones are found within the pages of this book).