Nut Sandwitches

Nut Sandwiches

Chop equal quantities of pecan meats and sour apples. Spread between two slices of thin, buttered bread. Spread lightly with mayonnaise. Very appetizing. Amy Smith.

Hickory Nut And Banana Sandwiches

To one-half of a cupful of chopped hickory-nut meats add about two bananas sliced. The banana must be firm and not over ripe. Spread between thin slices of brown bread. Delicious. Mrs. R. A. Brown.

Baked Bean Sandwiches

Beat one-half of a cup of baked beans to a smooth paste. Add one-half of a teaspoonful of chopped parsley and celery, one-quarter of a tea-spoonful of onion juice and made mustard enough to just cover the end of a teaspoon. Spread between slices of graham or rye bread.

Mrs. Cornie Lawson.

Meat Sandwitches

Hot Beef Sandwiches

Bruise and scrape. raw beef. Spread it between two slices of bread, with salt and pepper. Place the whole on a griddle; heat thoroughly over live coals, or take slices of hot roast beef and lay between slices of bread and dip over a spoonful of gravy. Mrs. May Nelson.

Game Sandwiches

Cut the meat in very thin slices from partridges, grouse or any game that has been roasted and shred some celery. Lay the meat on delicately thin fresh toast - it should be crisp, and not tough - strew celery over and season well with tartar sauce. Mrs. Frances Leeds.

Turtle Sandwiches (For Halloween And Children's Parties)

Cut as many thin slices of brown and white bread as are desired for sandwiches, trim off the crust and shape into three and one-half inch squares. Butter lightly and spread carefully between two slices any filling desired - meat, cheese, nut or. fruit. Now slice lengthwise into halves some small cucumber pickles (sweet or sour), and stick one of these in each corner of the sandwich for the feet of the turtle, and a tiny one for the tail. Run a toothpick through a narrow and short piece of bread and stick it in the opposite end of the sandwich from the tail. On the end of the toothpick put a thin piece of a small carrot cut crosswise. Behold! you have the turtle. Serve singly on individual plates with olives made after the fashion of Natural History Objects. Mrs. A. E. Fowler.

Chicken And Ham Sandwiches

Mince cold chicken and add a little minced cold ham. Stir in a cup of boiling gravy. Set the whole before the fire for a few moments. Cut slices of old bread with a round tin cutter and fry them. Spread a layer of the fowl and ham between two of them, add a small piece of cheese and butter made into a paste. Run the sandwiches in the oven, which should be pretty hot, for five minutes. Serve them hot on a folded napkin at tea-time. Mrs. Connie Larkin.

Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Prepare chicken salad (see recipe for chicken salad). Cut slices of bread very thin, remove crusts, spread very thinly with the salad and press together. Jane.

Beef And Potato Sandwiches

Fry slices of cold corned-beef very lightly and spread on each side a heavy layer of mashed potatoes, press it down on the meat with a knife. Dip the whole in egg and bread-crumbs, fry them in drippings a very light brown and serve hot. Mrs. Caroline Dill.

Duck Sandwiches

These must be made of the smoked breasts of ducks cut in very thin slices. Cut hard-boiled eggs into thin rings, lay over the duck, squeeze a little lemon juice over them, a sprinkle of salt and pepper, and cover them with well-buttered slices of bread and butter. Mrs. C. Choate.

Ham Sandwiches

Slice ham very thin, slightly butter bread and put a slice of ham between. Lettuce leaf put on top of ham is an improvement.


Egg Sandwiches

Pound the yolks of eggs with a small quantity of butter in a mortar and add cheese, also well pounded. Make into sandwiches.

Jane Hall.

Egg Sandwiches - No. 2

Boil six eggs ten minutes, throw them into cold water, take off the shells and cut them into slices; prepare thin slices of bread and butter, place the eggs between; season with salt, pepper, and a little dry mustard; trim and cut the sandwiches. Mrs. Fuller.


Sardine Canapes

Take sardines, the yolks of three or four hard-boiled eggs, a little butter, mustard, pepper, and vinegar, slices of toast. Cut some slices off a roll neatly into oval or octagon shapes. Toast slightly, or fry in oil or butter till they are of a nice yellow color. Strip the sardines of the bones: lay one-half of them aside, and pound the other to a smooth paste with the eggs and butter. Add the mustard, pepper and vinegar. When these ingredients are well mixed, spread the paste over the prepared slices of toast. On the top lay the other one-half of the sardines, cut into small strips, stand them in the oven and serve very hot.

Mrs. M. Waters.

Plain Canapes

Toast thin slices of bread from which the crust has been removed, and butter them a very little. Either potted meat or fish can be spread over them. The grated cheese that comes in little jars makes nice.ones. Place two slices together and cut into strips before bringing to the table.

Mrs. Herman.

Jefferson Canapes

Trim three slices of bread evenly, toast a light brown and lay them on a platter. Slice lean cooked ham thin with a little mustard on it and place on each slice also a layer of cooked mushrooms and tomatoes. Dredge grated Parmesan cheese on top, and strew fresh bread-crumbs over the whole. Place in a hot oven for ten minutes. Lay on a heated dish, cover with a folded napkin and serve. Mrs. J. L. Walters.

Oyster Canapes

Select one-half dozen large oysters and chop them quite fine. To their bulk add a teaspoonful of fine bread-crumbs, a piece of butter as big as a walnut and one-quarter of a cup of very thick cream. Season with salt and pepper. Let it simmer over the fire a few minutes. Butter some slices of bread one-eight of an inch in thickness and lay them on a hot dish. Pour the mixture over the bread and serve hot.

Mrs. Frederic Monteith.