Tomato Toast

Toast bread quite brown. Stew a pint of ripe tomatoes, season with salt, pepper, a little butter and a teaspoonful of sugar. Add one-half of a cup of cream. Scald the cream only. Pour the tomatoes and cream over the toast. Mrs. T. Freeman.

Tomato Toast - No. 2

Take six tomatoes, pare and arrange in a layer on a buttered pan, sprinkle over some fine bread-crumbs, one-half of a teaspoonful of salt, pepper, one tablespoonful of butter dotted on top, and bake in a hot oven twenty minutes. Serve on hot buttered toast. Pour the gravy in the dish over all. Mrs. R.

The Delights Of Christmas Time. (See index for simple and up to date recipes).

The Delights Of Christmas Time. (See index for simple and up-to-date recipes).


SANDWICHES are the sole dependence of the picnicker. They are also much used at luncheons, afternoon teas, etc. When nicely made they are very appetizing. White, graham, brown bread, or rolls, may be converted into sandwiches, and each according to the individual taste. There is no limit to their filling, for eggs, meat, fowl, fruit, fish, salads, jams and chopped nuts are all pressed into service. Their shape can be varied; they may be cut in circles, or rolled like omelets, but the most common form is the square or triangular.

The materials used in a sandwich should be minced or sliced as fine as possible so that they may be eaten with little trouble, and the seasoning should be added to the filling. Butter should be of the finest quality, and spread so smoothly that it will not flake off when the sandwich is handled. Graham, rye, or brown bread is very tender and nutritious, and many prefer them to the white. A square loaf cuts up nicely. But no sandwich should have the crust left on, and the slices composing it should be thin and of equal size.

When fish is used it should be pounded to a paste and mixed with another paste made of hard-boiled eggs, cream, and butter, seasoned.

Lettuce Sandwiches

Sprinkle fresh crisp lettuce leaves with a little salt and lay them a few moments in a folded napkin, then lay them between slices of bread that have been buttered. Spread over a dressing of Mayonnaise or not, as preferred. Mrs. L. Kay.

Olive Sandwiches

Stone and chop olives and mix with Mayonnaise. Butter the bread, which must be cut very thin. Either white or brown bread may be used.

A Western Girl.

"Ramona" Sandwiches

These are fancy bits used at a company luncheon in honor of Helen Hunt Jackson's pretty Indian story and are well worth the trouble of making. Chop about equal quantities of figs, dates, raisins, citron or any candied fruits and a tiny bit of candied peel. Place lightly in a square or round mold the shape of the sandwiches and pour over it crab-apple jelly. Move a fork gently through the mass to be sure the jelly settles all around the fruit. Set the mold in a cold place until firm; then turn out and cut off in thin slices. Serve on thin bits of New England brown bread very lightly buttered. California Girl's Favorite.

Boston Girl's Sandwich

One slice each of white and brown bread, cut thin and buttered, spread well with mashed Boston-baked beans, thinly strewn with finely-chopped mustard pickles, or salted water cress or the petals of nasturtium flowers. A. F. P.

Jam Sandwiches

Mix the yolks of two eggs very smoothly with a tablespoonful of flour and a tablespoonful of ground rice, add a small pinch of salt, a tablespoonful of sugar, one-half of a pint of thick cream, and one-quarter of a pint of new milk. Beat the whites of the eggs to a firm froth, add them last of all, and beat the mixture for four or five minutes. Butter two large plates, put in the mixture, and bake in a quick oven until it is set and lightly browned. Spread jam over one of the cakes and lay the other upon it, the browned part uppermost. Sift sugar over it before serving. Jam sandwiches are eaten either hot or cold. Mrs. Tessie Dunn.

German Sandwiches

Use graham or rye bread. Butter plentifully and put mustard on it. Then add a layer of chopped olives over and one of cottage cheese last.

Mrs. James Graham.

Date Sandwiches

Take some fine Turkish dates, and mince them fine. Add a little water, cooking them in a double boiler till they are soft and pasty. Add a little lemon juice, one-half of a teaspoonful. Cool the dates and spread on thinly cut bread. Sprinkle with finely chopped hickory nuts, and cover with buttered bread. Mrs. Mary Lennan.

Anniversary Or Valentine Sandwiches

Have white and brown bread one day old. Prepare by spreading the end of the loaf with soft butter or mayonnaise dressing and cutting off in thin wafer-like slices until the requisite amount has been cut. Then with a heart-shaped cooky-cutter cut from each slice of brown bread, a generous heart and from each white slice a diamond-shaped piece. Have ready some pounded nuts and any two kinds of filling that you prefer. On a slice of the spread brown bread put a thin layer of one kind of filling, cover with a slice of the brown bread. Use the other kind of filling on the white bread and cover with the white bread. Prepare a number in this way, then reverse the order. J. T. G.

Apple And Celery Sandwiches

Peel and chop very fine two large, tart apples and one-half of a dozen of the small inside stalks of celery; sprinkle lightly with salt; spread between thinly cut slices of buttered brown bread. Julia Brown.

Welsh Rarebit Sandwiches

Take mild cheese and put it into a mortar with two ounces of butter, a teaspoonful of mustard, pound well and dilute with good cider vinegar. Spread the mixture between slices of bread. Mrs. F. Holly.

Cucumber Salad Sandwiches

Very nice to serve with fish course for dinner. Slice cucumbers very thin, put on them a dressing of olive oil, lemon, salt and a dash of red pepper. Let stand one hour; lay between thin small squares of white bread. Serve at once. Mrs. F. Jones.

Fish Sandwiches

Cut bread and butter as for other sandwiches, place thin scallops of any fish on the slices, and instead of mustard use tartar sauce. Put a layer of finely-sliced lettuce on the top of the sauce, and cover with bread and butter. Serve cut into squares. Thin slices of harb-boiled eggs may be added. M. T. Thomas.

Club House Sandwiches (Excellent)

Toast thin slices of brown or white bread; butter lightly and lay over thin slices of crisp fried bacon. Lay on another thin slice of toast then thin slices of chicken well seasoned, another slice of buttered toast and then a thin layer of cucumber pickle sliced crosswise. On top of this put another slice of buttered toast, and you have a sandwich fit for a prince.

Gunthers, Chicago.