Fruit Toast

Apple Toast

Peel, core and quarter one-half dozen apples, and cut them in slices; put a piece of butter the size of an egg in a saucepan, add the apples and throw over them five small tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar and two of water. Stew quickly. Fry slices of bread a nice yellow color in a little butter, place on a dish, cover with a little sugar and the apples. Serve hot. L. J. E.

Fruit Toast - As A Dessert

Slice the bread for toast exceedingly thin but use plenty of butter. Take a pint of cherries that are stemmed and put into a kettle with one-half of a pound of sugar and a very little water. Stew the fruit tender and cover the toast with the fruit and syrup, and set away on ice till cold. Other fruit may be used in the same way. Nellie B.

Lemon Toast

Slice bread and dip it into milk a cupful of which has been beaten up with the yolks of two eggs. Fry the bread a light brown. Take the whites of two eggs, beat to a froth, add one-quarter of a cup of sugar, the juice of one-half of a large lemon and a cupful of boiling water. Pour over the toast and serve. Mrs. M. Chandler.

Fish Toast

Shad-Roe Toast

Throw the roe into boiling water, add a slice of onion and one teaspoonful of salt; simmer gently for twenty minutes and drain. With a fork remove the membrane. In the meantime toast a few, cut off the crust and spread with the roe; over the whole sprinkle the yolks of two hard-boiled eggs crumble fine. Lay over the whites cut in rings. Serve hot. Mrs. A. B. Peters.

Toast With Sardines

Scrape and bone sardines, lay them on a plate; sprinkle them with lemon juice and a little cayenne pepper. Stand them in the oven until thoroughly hot: have ready some neat slices of hot-buttered toast; lay the sardines on these and serve at once. Loraine M.

Codfish Toast

Pick up a small quantity of freshened codfish. Slice an onion and fry in an ounce of butter. Then add the fish with water to cover. Slice three fresh tomatoes and add to the mixture cooking the whole one-half to three-quarters of an hour, adding a very little cayenne. Pour it over buttered toast. Mrs. Mary Goodrich.

Salmon Toast

Cut slices of bread, trim off the crusts, and toast to a golden brown; butter and lay on each slice a very thin slice of smoked salmon; sprinkle with pepper, lay over a sheet of buttered paper, and place in a hot oven for five minutes. Serve hot for breakfast or luncheon. H. J. L.

Meat Toast

Beef Tongue Toast

The tongue of beef makes a fine toast. Grate a boiled tongue, mix parsley, salt and pepper with it and make a paste of it by adding the yolks of eggs. Keep it hot but not boiling; place it on toast as thin as can be made, sprinkle cracker crumbs over and set it in the oven till ready.

Mrs. Kate Wren.

Sausage Toast

Fry six link sausages; remove the skins and mix with a grating of good cheese, such as Parmesan, and a tablespoonful of mixed mustard; spread the mixture on hot buttered toast. Excellent for luncheon.


Kidney Toast

Chop parsley and a little shallot and place them in a pan with two small kidneys after first chopping the kidneys very fine. Take off the outer skin and the sinews of the kidneys before mincing them. Fry the whole in butter. Then add a tablespoonful of Worcestershire sauce, sprinkle in a teaspoonful of flour and boil for three minutes, salt and pepper to taste. Butter thin slices of toast, cover them with this mince, and over that lay a thick covering of bread-crumbs mixed with a little grated Parmesan cheese. Let them stand in a quick oven for ten minutes and then they are done. Mrs. Pamelia Montfort.

Ham Toast

Chop cold boiled ham very fine, toast slices of bread and butter them. After laying the ham on the toast place in the oven for a few minutes. Beat up six eggs with milk and salt and pepper. Pour the eggs into a saucepan with a lump of butter and stir till thick, but do not boil. Put the ham and toast on a platter, pour the eggs over, and serve.

Mrs. Tillie Monreal.

Toast For Game

Toast slices of bread one-third of an inch thick till brightly browned on both sides. Cut off the crust, hold the bread over a bowl of boiling water for a minute to imbibe the steam, and butter well. Soak them in the dripping in the pan under the birds, and when these are ready, serve them upon it. Mrs. H. Collier.

Beef Marrow On Toast

This is a strengthening dish. Put some pieces of marrow in a saucepan of well-salted boiling water and let them remain for one minute. Drain off the water; take out the marrow, spread it on some pieces of toasted bread, place in the oven, and cook for six minutes. Sprinkle over salt and pepper and serve hot.

Meat Toast

Take the remains of a cold roast, mince finely, and mix with a pint of it, including the gravy, two well-beaten eggs, one tablespoonful of chopped parsley, and one onion, minced fine. Stir the mixture over a slow fire until it is thick. When cold spread it on pieces of toast, brush it over with beaten egg, strew bread-crumbs on the top, and bake in a moderate oven. Just before serving, squeeze a little lemon juice over the toast. Mrs. C. O. Pond.

Stuffed Rolls

Procure some small fresh rolls, long in shape. Cut in two lengthwise, scoop out most of the soft part. Mix well one teaspoonful butter, one dessertspoon potted ham, half a hard-boiled egg chopped fine, one radish sliced thin, two leaves lettuce cut up small. Spread this on both sides of rolls and close them. Serve on a napkin. Mrs. George Campbell.