Cut in slices, wiped dry, floured, fried in hot fat, salted, peppered.

Cucumber And Eggs

The cucumber in slices, floured, simmered in stock with parsley and lumps of sugar 15 minutes; 2 yolks added, sugar, vinegar and Worcestershire sauce, the yolks only to thicken the sauce.

Fricasseed Cucumbers

Same as the foregoing.

Boiled Cucumbers

Sliced, boiled in salted water till tender, taken up, served in gravy on croutes.

Stuffed Cucumbers

Seeds removed after peeling, stuffed with forcemeat of bread, suet, herbs and raw egg, boiled in milk till tender, then breaded and fried, either whole or to garnish a dish, cut across in slices. Cucumber Puree - served with various dishes of chicken, veal, lamb, fish, etc., made by first parboiling cucumbers in pieces, then simmering with butter, adding salt, pepper, sugar, flour and milk to make sauce of it, passing all through a seive.

Cucumbers A La Bechamel

Pared, quartered, boiled in salted water, drained, covered with cream sauce containing little sugar.

Concombres A La Creme

Slices in cream sauce.

Concombres A La Moelle

Stuffed with bread and marrow; brown sauce.

Concombres A La Poulette

In cream colored sauce.

Concombres Farcies A La Creme

Stuffed cucumbers in cr.eam sauce containing sugar.

Concombres Farcies A L'Espagnole

Stuffed in short lengths, the center core being removed with a cutter, stewed in brown sauce.

Cucumber Soups

Puree of cucumbers is white, made chiefly of milk and mashed cucumber.

Garbure With Cucumbers

Stewed cucumbers on crusts baked in soup to dryness, served with broth.

Consomme A La Beauvilliers

Has stuffed pieces of cucumber and crusts in the plates.

Cucumbers In Stews

Cucumber may be added to any soup or stew, and is especially good in a rich haricot. Cut in thin slices and add at the last moment; boil up for a few seconds only, and the dish may then be served. If the cucumber is cooked for any length of time, it will melt away. This may be allowed in the case of a haricot, as the flavor will be there if the slices are no longer visible. A few thin slices boiled up in a light soup make an elegant variation, and will always gratify the guests as a change.

Cucumber Pickles

Youug cucumbers are thrown into brine as gathered, taken out and freshened at any time, scalded two or three times in boiling vinegar, but not cooked to softness. Pepper and spice in the vinegar.

Salt Cucumber Salad

Taken out of the brine, cut up and freshened in cold water, chopped, mixed with chopped celery, eaten with oil, vinegar and pepper.

Cucumbers To Keep

Packed down in salt and water as they are gathered they keep for months; packed in layers with brown sugar between they change to pickles without further attention. Must be pressed under the liquor with a weight on top.