For 70, in May, at a family residence; parlor and dining room connected by slid ing doors. Hostess provided material on written requisition; work done in the house. Florist called in, decoraed dining room with a central design and festooned room and chandelier. Had on table six decorated dishes, of which two were cakes with sugar work and baskets about 20 inches high, set to flank the floral design in center; two were decorated salads at opposite corners of table; one was a border mould of jelly filled with whipped cream, the other rings of meringue baked separately, built up, decorated and inside filled with stiffened cream and chopped jelly. More of same kinds on dishes in the pantry outside, together with:

1. Rolled sandwiches.

2. Shaved smoked tongue.

3. Cheese straws.

4. Shrimp salad.

5. Chicken salad.

6. Claret cup.

7. Assorted cakes.

8. Mammoth strawberries with pow dered sugar.

9. Ice cups or bombes, of red raspberry water ice frozen in 6 doz. tumblers and filled with green pistachio ice cream.

10. Vienna coffee in small cups. Guests, being over 70 in a private house, sat around on sofas, chairs, settees, etc., informally, and stood around the dining room, and waiters carried plates from the pantry with portions to them. After first round gentlemen began and helped the ladies from the show dishes on table. Hostess made and served the coffee herself from a swinging silver urn in the dining room.

Expenses without provisions: florist, $15; music, 3 pieces, $7; caterer, $25; 5 waiters, $5.50. Incidentals, extra hire, wagons, carriages, etc., not counted.