The Wood-pigeons perch upon trees, contrary to other kinds. The Flesh is very good, although dry; and young ones are distinguished by the shortness of their Claws, as they grow longer with age. They are commonly roasted, but may be dressed in all the different ways of other Pigeons.

Ramereaux A Vallemande - Wood-pigeons German Fashion

Lard them thoroughly, and boil them with scalded Savoys, half a pound of Pickled Pork, Broth, two Cloves, a little Nutmeg, whole Pepper and Salt: When done enough, drain them of the Fat, and Squeeze the Cabbage; intermix each sort on the Dish, and serve with a rich Cullis Sauce, with Butter therein.

Ramereaux aux Fenouil, Wood-pigeons, with Fennel Sauce, Scald a few sprigs of Fennel, and chop some of it to mix with the Livers, a bit of Butter, two Yolks of Eggs, Pepper and Salt; stuff the Pigeons with it, and roast them wrapped in slices of Bacon and Paper; mix some chopped Fennel with some Cullis, a bit of Butter, and half a Lemon Squeeze, to serve upon the Pigeons.