The stated meeting of this Society was held on Tuesday evening, May 16th, 1854. The President in the Chair. The Hall was thrown open at 5 o'clock, P. If., and was graced by the elite of the city. A finer display has not been shown before the Society for many years. Contributions were brought from nearly all the Greenhouses and Conservatories in the vicinity. Premiums were awarded as follows:

By The Committee On Plants And Flowers

Pelargoniums, 8 plants, for the best to Robert Baist; Specimen Pelargonium, for the beat to Robert Buist; Cinerarias, 8 plants, for the best to Thomas Richardson, New York, (very fine, and attracted special attention); Botes, for the best and the second best to F. Allgier; Tulips, cut flowers, for the best to G. W. Earl; Collections of Plants, for the best to John Pollock, gardener to James Dundas; for the second best to Robert Buist; for the third best to Thomas Robertson, gardener to B. A. Fahnestock; Specimen Plants, for the best to John Pollock; for the second best to James Kent; New Plants, shown for the first time, a premium of $4 to Robert Buist for Orchids, Geraniums, and Begonia Zanthina; of $1 to John Pollock for Orchids; Table de sign, for the best to Jerome Graff, gardener to C. Cope: Baskets, for the best to Jerome Graff; for the second best to Alex. Burnett, gardener to H. Pratt McKean; Indigenous Flowers, for the best to Meehan & Saunders; Boquets, pair, for-the best to Jerome Graff; for the second best to James Kent. Special Premiums - $8 to Charles Miller for a collection of plants; $2 to John Pollock for Gloxinias and other plants; $2 to Thos. Richardson, N. T., for beautiful Calceolarias; $2 to John Sherwood for a collection of Roses.

The Committee called particular attention to a beautiful collection of miscellaneous plants by Wm. Sinton, gardener of Streia regina, for which they award a special premium of as to Isaac Collins, gardener to Gen. Patterson. At-tendon was called to a good collection of cut flowers, from Mr*. Holbrook, New York, David Scott, gardener.

By the Fruit Committee - special premiums, viz: - To Albinos L. Felton, for a fine collection of Strawberries in pots, with ripe fruit, $3; to Jerome Gran; gardener to C. Cope, for four bunches of black Hamburgh Grapes, $3; for seven fine Lemons, from H. N. Johnson, $1. They also notice a dish of fine Apples from Dr. Hull, of Alton, Ill, deposited by H. N. Johnson.

By The Committee On Vegetables

Rhubarb, 12 stalks, for the best to Samuel Cooper; Asparapus, 24 stalks, for the best to James M. Tage; for the second best to Jerome Graff. Vegetable - Dlsplsy for the best by a market gardener, to A. L. Felton. And a special premium of $1 to Jerome Graff, for 3 dishes of very fine Tomatoes.

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society #1

Stated meeting, Oct 17 th. - Dr. W. D. Briuckle, Vice President, in the chair. As there were few premiums offered on this oceasion by the Society, the display of Fruits, Plants, and Flowers was not extensive, nor the attendance of visitors large. Pears and Apples were the objects called for by the printed schedule. The first premium for Pears was awarded to Isaac B. Baxter, for a collection in which we noticed the Duchess d'Angou-leme, Easter Beurre (good specimens), White Doyennes, Duchess d'Arembere, Passe Colmar, and others. Some handsome fruit of the Reine Claude De Bavay Plum were also deposited.

There was a pretty plant of Dipladenia crassinoda exhibited by J. Thomson, gardener to Mr. Tucker. Two collections of Dahlias were exhibited; one of them seedlings from Gerhard Sehmitx' garden, several of which are deserving of notice, and another from R. Buista' nursery, named sorte, which included many fine varieties.

In the minutes of last stated meeting were a set of resolutions offered by C. Cope, Esq., one of which declares all members unqualified to act on committees as judges, from whose garden objects are from time to time exhibited for competition before society - -paned Also, that, in addition to the name of the gardener to any private gentleman, the name of the latter shall also be recorded.

The report of the managing committee of the horticultural department of the State Agricultural Fair was presented and accepted.