Pomona Garden and Nursery Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Vines, and Plants, cultivated and for sale by William Parry, Cinnaminson, Burlington County, N. J. 1860 and 1861.

Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Plants,etc., cultivated at the Union Nurseries, Schenectady, N. Y., by C. Reagles & Son. 1861 and 1862.

Record of the Progressive Gardeners' Society Of Philadelphia; being the first Annual Report, for 1860; embracing twelve Essays on important Horticultural Topics, with Discussions on the same. Also, the Record of the Organization of the Society, the Preliminary Meeting and Address, Rules and By-Laws, List of Officers, Members, etc. Philadelphia: Published by Authority of the Society, by R. Robinson Scott, Secretary, at 236 Chestnut Street. Price, 25 cents.

Spring Catalogue of Roses, Dahlias, and Bedding Out Plants, grown and for sale by Peter Henderson, Wayne Street, Jersey City. 1861. Agents, Mcllvain & Young, Seedsmen, No. 9 John Street, New York. - We are surprised at the number of novelties in this catalogue, which the title gives no indication of J. M. Thorburn & Co.'s Descriptive Catalogue of Vegetables and Agricultural Seeds, etc. Garden, Field, Fruit, &C, Seeds. The largest collection to be found in the world, embracing every standard and improved variety. Also, tested novelties, both of domestic and some of foreign origin, that are suited to the climate of the United States. 1861.

Wholesale Catalogue or Trade list of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Roses, etc, grown and for sale by Hatch & Co, at the Central Nurseries, Jackson, Miss. 1861.

Books And Catalogues Received #1

Fourth Annual Catalogue of Plants, Ac, cultivated and for sale by Edgar Sanders, Lake View Flower Gardens, Chicago, Ill. - Consists mainly of a fine assorment of bedding plants, Dahlias, Roses, &C

Transactions of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society for the year 1860. From Eben Wight, Corresponding Secretary. - It is made up of Reports from Committees, Lists of Prizes awarded, an interesting Address from President Breck, a Zoological Report from Professor Jenks, complaining of having nothing to do; an interesting article .form Mr. Sprague on Introduced Plants, a very good one from E. S. Rand, Jr., on Orchids, and others, the whole making a valuable record. It is an interesting fact, that the property of the Society, at the present time, amounts to the handsome sum of $89,540.83. It may well pass for a "solid" society.

Seventh Annual Catalogue of Choice Verbenas, cultivated and sold by Dexter Snow, Chic-opee, Mass. 1861. - The Verbena is Mr. Snow's specialty, and we have here a splendid collection.

Catalogue of Green-house Hot-house, and Hardy Herbaceous Plants, for sale at Bridgemarie Horticultural Establishment, Nos 876 and 878 Broadway, New York. Nursery and Greenhouses, Astoria, N. Y. - A very neat Catalogue, embracing the best old plants, and a good many new ones.

Descriptive Catalogue of Flower Seeds, with Practical Directions for their Culture and Treatment James M. Tkorburn etc Co., 15 John Street, New York. - Neat and compact, embracing about every thing in the way of flower seed that can be thought of Vines, Plants, Ac J. H. Boardman, Brighton, Monroe Co.,'N. Y. - A circular, consisting of well known fruits.

Abridged Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, and Plants, cultivated and for sale at the Monroe County Nurseries, Gould, Bechwith & Co., Proprietors, Rochester, N. Y., 1860-61. - Another well-printed catalogue, with choice contents. We do like good ink and paper.

Catalogue of French Hybrid Gladiolus; (Seedlings of Gandavensis,) and other Spring Bulbous Roots, etc., J. M. Thorbum & Co., 15 John Street, New York. 1861. - This embraces the fine collection alluded to elsewhere. It also contains a list of novelties in the way of flower seeds larger than usual , Descriptive Catalogue, No 8. French Hybrid Gladiolus, and other Summer and Autumn Blooming Bulbs, for sale at Bridgeman's Horticultural Establishment, 876 and 878 Broadway, New York. 1861. - This embraces, with some additions, the collection we examined last season, some of the best of which we have described in another place.

Great Upper Canada Seed Establishment Descriptive Catalogue of Seeds for the Farm, the Kitchen Garden, and the Flower Garden; also, of Culinary Roots, Ac, for sale by John A. Bruce, Seedsman, Nurseryman, and Florist, 46 King Street, Hamilton, C. W. 1861. - Not only a catalogue of seeds, but also of Garden Implements, Fertilizers, works on Horticulture, choice fruits, Ac.

Catalogue of Selected Roses and other Hardy Plants, Including both eld and new Varieties, cultivated and for sale by James Portland, at Green Mount Garden, Baltimore 1861. - The list of Roses is particularly fine There are also Azaleas, Camellias, Dahlias, Verbemas, Grapes, and other good things.

Spring Catalogue of a choice Collection of Floricultural, Vegetable, and Agricultural Seeds, Ac, to be had of William Elliot, Seedsman and Florist, 81 John Street, New York. - Mr. Elliot gets a good deal in a small compass, and gives some good practical suggestions to the amateur.

The Mother s Magazine and Family Circle By Rev. B. J. Relyea, Editor and Proprietor, 897 Broadway, New York. - As its name indicates, this Magazine is addressed specially to mothers: the home circle is its peculiar sphere It is ably conducted and calculated to exercise a benign influence.