Vaudreuil, a S. W. county of Quebec, Canada, on the S. bank of the Ottawa river, at its entrance into the St. Lawrence; area, 182 sq. m.; pop. in 1871, 11,003, of whom 9,392 were of French, 570 of Irish, 565 of English, and 402 of Scotch origin. It includes Isle Perrot in the St. Lawrence, and is traversed by the Grand Trunk railway. Capital, Vaudreuil.

Vaudreuil #1

Vaudreuil, a French Canadian family with several conspicuous members.

I. Philippe De Rigaud, Marquis De

Marquis De Philippe De Rigaud, born in France about 1641, died in Quebec, Oct. 10, 1725. He joined the king's musketeers, and in 1676 rose to the rank of brigadier. He came to America in 1687, served in Denonville's expedition against the Senecas and elsewhere, and obtained promotion. He was also in Frontenac's expedition against Onondaga in 1696, and was sent to ravage Oneida. In 1698 he became governor of Montreal, and in 1703 governor general of Canada. He warred against the Foxes, won the Iroquois to neutrality, baffled English influence in the west, and endeavored to save Acadia; and when Quebec was menaced by Sir Hovenden Walker's fleet he made vigorous preparations to repel him, and, aided by a storm which wrecked a part of the fleet, he was successful.

II. Pierre De Rigand

Pierre De Rigand, marquis de, fifth son of the preceding, born in Quebec, Nov. 22, 1698, died in Paris in 1764. He entered the military service, was governor of Three Rivers in 1733 and of Louisiana in 1742, and in 1755 was made governor general of Canada. After Braddock's defeat by Beaujeu he erected Fort Carillon, and garrisoned Forts Frontenac,Niagara, and Gaspe. Montcalm captured Oswego and Fort William Henry, and defeated Abercrombie; but the English gradually closed in upon the colony, and the French army was routed on the plains of Abraham. Vaudreuil endeavored to recapture Quebec, and gained one action, but being unsupported by the home government capitulated and went to France. An investigation justified his administration, but he died soon after.

III. Louis Philippe De Rigaud, Marquis De

Marquis De Louis Philippe De Rigaud, nephew of the preceding, born in Rochefort, France, Oct. 28, 1724, died in Paris, Dec. 14, 1802. He entered the navy, commanded a vessel in the action between D'Estaing and Byron off Granada in 1779, and in that with Rodney off Martinique, April 17, 1780, and in other actions. He commanded a squadron in De Grasse's fleet in the action with Graves off the capes of the Chesapeake; and in the action with Rodney, April 12,1782, he saved a part of the fleet, including all his own squadron, and sailed to Boston. He was a member of the states general in 1789, and in the night of Oct. 5-6 defended the royal family at Versailles against the mob. During the reign of terror he resided in England.