D. D Buchanan Claudius

D. D Buchanan Claudius, an English missionary, born at Cambuslang, near Glasgow, March 12, 1766, died in Hertfordshire, England, Feb. 9, 1815. He was educated at Cambridge, and in 1796 appointed chaplain of the East India company; and when the marquis of Welles-ley founded a college at Fort William, he was nominated vice provost and classical professor. In 1808 he returned to England. He was the author of " Christian Researches in Asia," and other works, which had a great influence both in England and America in directing the attention of the religious public to the promotion of Christianity in India. At the time of his death he was employed in superintending an edition of the Scriptures for the Syrian Christians of the Malabar coast. His biography has been written by Dr. Hugh Pearson (London, 1819; new ed., 1846).

D. D Burgess George

D. D Burgess George, an American bishop, born in Providence, R. I., Oct. 31, 1809, died at sea, April 23,1866. He graduated at Brown university, where he became tutor, and afterward studied two years at Gottingen, Bonn, and Berlin. He was rector of Christ church (Episcopal), Hartford, from 1834 to October, 1847, when he was consecrated bishop of the diocese of Maine, becoming also rector of Christ church at Gardiner. He was a leader of the moderate church party. Toward the close of his life he established an Episcopal mission in Hayti, and died of paralysis while he was on his way to Port-au-Prince. His writings include a metrical version of a portion of the Psalms (1840), "The Last Enemy Conquered and Conquering " (1851), and " Sermons on the Christian Life" (1854).

D. D Butler William

D. D Butler William, an American clergyman and missionary, born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1819. He completed his theological training at Didsbury, near Manchester, England, in 1842, and joined the Irish Wesleyan conference in 1844. After preaching six years in the Irish conference, and six more in the New York East and New England conferences in America, he was sent in 1856 to India to select a field and found a mission for the Methodist Episcopal church, and established the Methodist missions in the valley of the Ganges. During nearly ten years he labored there, until the mission was erected into an annual conference in 1864. He then returned to the United States, preached for some time in New England, and became one of the secretaries of the American and foreign Christian union. He is the author of a "Missionary Compendium" (1850), and " The Land of the Veda" (8vo, 1872).

D. D Caldwell Joseph

D. D Caldwell Joseph, an American scholar, born at Leamington, N. J., April 21, 1773, died at Chapel Hill, N. C, Jan. 27, 1835. He graduated at the college of New Jersey in 1791, and was for the next five years a tutor there. In 1796 he was chosen professor of mathematics in the university of North Carolina, and in 1804 became president and professor of moral philosophy. He went to Europe in 1824 to obtain books and apparatus for the university, and was devoted to its interests till his death. He wrote a " Treatise on Geometry," and a series of letters on internal improvements.