Jean Denis Barbie Du Bocage

Jean Denis Barbie Du Bocage, a French geographer, born in Paris, April 28, 1760, died Dec. 28, 1825. He was a pupil of D'An-ville. He classified the documents brought by Choiseul-Gouffier from Greece, and attended from 1782 to 1824 to the publication of the Voyage pittoresque de la Grece, which he illustrated with many valuable maps. Meanwhile he drew up the maps attached to Barthelemy's "Travels of Anacharsis," published in 1788. In 1807 he completed an excellent map of the Morea, and wrote a curious Notice sur un manuscrit de la bibliotheque du prince de Talleyrand, wherein he attempted to demonstrate that the eastern coast of Australia had been visited by the Portuguese as early as 1525.

Jean Felix Noirrisson

Jean Felix Noirrisson, a French philosopher, born at Thiers in 1825. He became professor of philosophy at Clermont and in Paris, and in 1870 succeeded the duke de Broglie' in the academy of moral and political sciences. A new chair of the history of modern philosophy was established for him, Jan. 1, 1874, at the college de France. His Tableau des progres de la pensee humaine depuis Thales jusqu'd Leibnitz (1858), La nature humaine(1865), and La pdiilosophie de Saint Augustin (1865), received academical prizes. Among his other works are Les pères de l'Eglise latine (1858), and De la liberie et du hasard (1870).

Jean Ferdinand Berthier

Jean Ferdinand Berthier, a French deaf mute, born near Macon about 1805. He attended the national institution for deaf mutes at Paris, was while still young appointed an instructor there, and is now (1873) the dean of the institution, and one of the most eminent teachers of the deaf and dumb in Europe. He has greatly contributed to diffuse the methods of the abbe de l'Epee and of the abbe Sicard. Among his principal works is L'Abbe de l'Epee, sa vie, son apostolat, ses travaux, sa lutte et ses proces (Paris, 1852).

Jean Francois Alfred Bayard

Jean Francois Alfred Bayard, a French dramatist, born in Charolles, department of Saoneet-Loire, March 17, 1796, died Feb. 20, 1853. In 1821 he wrote Une promenade a Vaucluse, which was successfully performed at the vaudeville theatre. It was followed by La reine de seize ans, brought out at the Gymnase, and received with great favor. Bayard united his labors in many instances to those of Melesville, Carmoiuche, Dumanoir, and Scribe, whose niece he married in 1827. He was the author of over 200 plays. A complete edition of his works, in 8 vols., containing a memoir written by Scribe, was brought out at Paris in 1856.

Jean Francois Bareille

Jean Francois Bareille, abbe, a French theologian, born at Valentine, Haute-Garonne, in 1813. He received a superior education and became honorary canon of the dioceses of Toulouse and Lyons, and afterward director of a school at Soreze. He has published Ilis-toire de Saint Thomas d'Aquin (1846; 4th ed., 1862), and La me du cceur (1856; 3d ed., 1863); and he has translated several works of Balmes, the (Ewcres completes de Louis de Grenade (21 vols., 1861-'6), and the CEuvres completes de Saint Jean Chrysostome (10 vols., 1864-'7, and 4 vols., without the original text, 1866-7). The French academy in 1868 conferred one of the Monthyon prizes upon his translation of the Homelies in the 3d volume of the last-mentioned edition.