Agreement made.........between..............hereinafter designated as the Employer, and...........hereinafter designated as the Employee.

Whereas, the Employee is a motion picture actor and the Employer is engaged in the business of producing motion pictures, and

Whereas the Employer recognizes that the Employee's services, talents, and abilities as a motion picture actor are excellent, rare, unique, uncommon and of a peculiar and extraordinary nature, and will be of great value to the Employer in the prosecution of its business, and

Whereas the Employer realizes that these talents, services and abilities of the Employee, being so unique, cannot be duplicated, and knows that he (or she) has these said qualities, and

Whereas, the Employee recognizes that it is for these reasons that the Employer seeks to engage him (or her) in its service, Witnesseth:

1. The Employer hereby engages the Employee as a motion picture actor to act, play, perform and take part in any capacity designated by the Employer in motion picture productions of any nature whatsoever, including rehearsals therefor as ordered by the Employer at the studio or studios of the Employer in ........or on designated location, or at any other place required by the Employer for a period of .......years, commencing..........and ending.........for a salary of......

years, commencing........and ending......for a salary of........weekly.

2. The Employee accepts said employment and promises and agrees to so act, play, perform and take part in the manufacture and production of motion pictures by the Employer as herein provided for at the compensation above mentioned.

3. The Employee agrees to attend daily during established working hours (whether cast or not) for the performance of his duties wherever and whenever required, it being expressly agreed:

(a) No excuse from work, duties or attendance at the studio or on location or other place as required hereby shall be deemed good or sufficient unless the said excuse be in writing signed by the Assistant Director or Directors of the production in which the Employee is engaged at the time, and it is mutually agreed, and the Employee hereby acknowledges that he has notice, that no agent of the Employer, whether he be Director or Assistant Director or other agent has authority to grant such written excuse for a period of more than one day, and that in no event shall a written excuse for more than one day be deemed authorized.

(b) Inclement weather shall be no excuse for non-attendance hereunder.

(c) The Employee agrees to abide by, obey and perform any and all orders, requests, communications, rules, and regulations of the Employer.

(d) The Employee agrees that his method, manner and way of acting and performing shall at all times be subject to the approval and satisfaction of the Employer.

(e) It is agreed that the enumeration of the duties of the Employee as hereinbefore stated is merely illustrative and not exclusive of the other duties of the Employee which may arise.

(f) The Employee agrees that during the term of this contract he shall devote all his time, talents and services exclusively to the use and benefit of the Employer.

(g) The Employee shall provide at his own expense all modern wardrobe necessary to properly dress for parts in which he may be cast as directed and instructed by the Employer.

(h) The Employer shall provide at its own expense all' costuming for the Employee. The Employer shall be the sole judge as to what clothes are modern clothes and what clothes are costuming.

4. It is agreed that during the continuance of this contract the Employee will not perform, act, play or take part in any rehearsals, plays, acts, scenes or motion pictures, or engage in any pursuit in any way whatsoever, connected or allied with the theatrical or the motion picture business, for any other person, firm or corporation, and that he will not assist in any way directly or indirectly any other person, firm or corporation in the rehearsal, manufacture or production of motion pictures or stage plays during the term hereof, and that during the term of this contract he will not engage in the production of motion pictures except for the Employer as provided for herein.

5. The Employee agrees that he will not, during the period commencing with the date of this agreement and expiring three months after the completion of the last motion picture in which he appears, pursuant to this agreement, cause or permit the use of his name or the advertising or publicity thereof in connection with any motion pictures other than those in which he appears pursuant to this agreement, excepting, however, motion pictures completed before the date of this agreement.

6. The Employee further agrees that during the life of this contract he will not appear in any public or private performance of any nature whatsoever, except by the written consent of the Employer.

7. The Employee hereby grants to the Employer the privilege or option to continue this contract for an additional period of........after the expiration of the original term hereof, provided that during the original term of this contract the Employer pays to the Employee in addition to the salary hereinbefore mentioned........per week as compensation and consideration for said privilege and option for extending the period of this contract for said additional term and upon payment of such sums this contract to remain in full force and effect for the option period hereinbefore mentioned, providing, however, that the Employer notify the Employee in writing of its intention to avail itself of such option, at least........

days before the expiration of the original term of this contract.

8. It is agreed that the salary of the Employee for such additional period hereinbefore stated, if the Employer avail itself of its option, shall be........dollars per week.

9. The Employee grants to the Employer the right to advertise the Employee in connection with its motion picture productions and to use photographs of the Employee for such advertising and publicity purposes.

10. No representations made by any representative or agent of the Employer, or by any other person, shall be binding or be considered a part of any agreement between the Employer and the Employee unless herein expressly contained, and no variations or modifications of this agreement shall be binding on the Employee unless in writing signed on the part of the Employer by one of its officers who it is duly mutually agreed is the only person authorized to sign the same on behalf of the Employer.