7. The Tenant covenants that it will, throughout said term at its own expense, make and do all repairs of all kinds, both inside and outside (except repairs made necessary by fire, or by damage by the elements rendering the building untenantable as a whole or any substantial part thereof) to the demised premises, including the roof thereof, and keep the same in good order and repair, and observe and be responsible for, and bear ail expenses of complying with all orders, ordinances, rules, regulations and requirements of all Municipal, State and Federal authorities relative to the demised premises or any part thereof.

8. The Tenant covenants that it will not, at any time or times, hereafter, during the continuance of the term hereby demised, assign, transfer or make over the whole of the premises hereby granted or its present lease, or any renewal thereof, or any of its term or time therein or sublet the same without the consent of the Landlord in writing, for that purpose first had covenants in this Indenture contained or on its part to be performed.

16. Taxes. The Tenant agrees and covenants to pay and discharge all water rates, taxes, assessments, levies and other charges, general and special, ordinary and extraordinary, of whatever name, nature and kind, which are or may be during said term levied, assessed, imposed and charged upon the land or the premises hereby demised and leased, or upon the building and improvements now thereon or hereafter to be built or made thereon, and all which may be levied, assessed, imposed or charged upon the leasehold estate hereby created and upon the reversionary estate in said premises during said term hereby granted. If at any time during the term of this Indenture, the present method of taxation or assessment shall be changed so that the whole or any part of the taxes, assessments, levies or charges now levied, assessed and imposed on the said real estate and improvements thereon, shall be transferred to the rentals received from the said real estate, the Tenant agrees and covenants to pay such taxes and assessments, whether levied on said real estate in whole or in part, or against said rentals in whole or in part, and if levied partly on said real estate and partly on the rentals, to pay such proportionate share of taxes and assessments levied and assessed on such rentals as shall proportionately relieve the taxes and assessments on said real estate, it being the intention of all parties hereto that the Landlord shall receive the rents reserved herein without deduction of taxes, assessments, levies or charges in respect of the real estate and improvements thereon, but that the Tenant shall not be obligated to pay full taxes and assessments on the said real estate and improvements and also on the said rentals.

17. Tax Receipts. The Tenant agrees and covenants to obtain tax receipts of all taxes and assessments above described, paid by it on said demised premises; such taxes and assessments may be paid in the name of the Tenant; and the Tenant agrees and covenants to deliver said receipts to the Landlord within five (5) days after the said last day allowed by law for the payment of such taxes and assessments.

18. Contesting Taxes. If, however, the Tenant, in good

11. The Tenant covenants that it shall and will on the last day of the term hereby demised or on the last day of the renewal hereof, if this lease shall be renewed, peaceably and quietly leave, surrender and yield up unto the Landlord the demised premises, including all improvements added to the premises by either of the parties hereto, its successors or assigns, in as good state and condition as reasonable use and wear thereof will permit, damage by fire and the other elements excepted. In case the Tenant shall put up any fixtures, plumbing, machinery, appliances or apparatus of any kind in said premises which shall be fastened to the walls, floors, ceilings or woodwork or any part of the building, the Tenant shall have the right to remove the same, provided that any injury caused said walls, floors, ceilings, woodwork or building by such removal shall be repaired by the Tenant.

12. The Tenant further covenants and agrees that if the Tenant shall be dispossessed, or if the said demised premises become vacant or abandoned, the Landlord or its agents may recover and resume possession of the said demised premises by force or otherwise and the same have again and repossess and enjoy, without being liable for prosecution therefor, and, in the event of such resumption of possession or otherwise under this lease or by reason of summary proceedings, the Landlord may remove all persons and property from the demised premises and may relet the same as agent for the Tenant, and the Landlord shall be entitled to hold the said Tenant liable for the difference between the rents and payments that would have been payable during the residue of the original term if this lease had continued in force and the net rent for such residue realized by the Landlord by means of reletting the demised premises to other parties, it being understood and agreed between the parties hereto that such net rent shall be determined by deducting from the entire rent received by reason of such reletting, first, the expense incurred by the Landlord in recovering possession of the said demised premises and reletting the same, and second, any costs or expenses incurred by the Landlord for necessary repairs to the demised premises or by reason of the breach of any of the terms^ covenants and conditions of this lease, and it being further understood and water rates, taxes, assessments, impositions or other charges, or pay, cancel or clear of any tax sales, tax deed, Hens, charges, impositions or claims upon or against said demised premises or the reversionary interest thereof, it shall not be obligatory upon them to inquire into the validity of any such water rate, tax, assessment, imposition, levy or other charge, or of any such tax sale, lien or deed, unless the Lessee shall have given the notice and made the deposit provided for in the paragraph next preceding.