No. 79. Design for a Chess Board (Persian) for Pyrogravure or Marquetry, by C. M. Jenckes. „ 80 Wall Bracket in Renaissance Style, by Karl von Rydingsvard. Nos. 81 and 82. Salad Spoon and Fork for Wood-carving.

No. 86. Conventional Treatment of Maize (Indian Cu suitable for Embroidery, Metal Work and Wood-carving, by W. J. Audsley. 87. Stole. Nos. 87A, B and c. Details of Stole.

No. 88. Design for an Autograph Album, by E. de Rheims. Nos. 89 and 90. Bread Knife Handles (Maize Design). No. 91. Full Sized Detail of Water-Lily Embroidery Design. ,, 92. Corner for Embroidery.

,, 93. Holly and Mistletoe Design, by Victor Dangon. ,, 94. Carved Clock in Byzantine Style, by Karl von

Rydingsvard. ,, 95. Full-sized Detail of Panel, by Ernest Copestick. Nos. 96 and 97. Japanese Roundels. No. 98. Alms Bag, by G. May Shepherd. „ 99. Stole, by G. May Shepherd. ,, 100. Design for Frame in Gesso, Metal Work, or

Wood-Carving, by Ernest Copestick. ,, 101. D'Oyly, by G. May Shepherd. ,, 102. Maize Design for Wood-carving, Metal Work and Poker Work, by W. J. Aodsi EY. Nos. 103, 104 and 105. Japanese Roundels. No. 106. Enlarged Detail of Portiere. ,, 107. Diagram showing Construction of Wall Bracket. ,, 108. Design for Marquetry.

„ 113. " Euterpe" Decorative Design, by Ellen Welby. ,, 114. Designs for Alphabet for Embroidery. Nos. 115 and 116. Designs for Embroidery. ,, 117 and 118. Borders for Embroidery. No. 119. Panel for Repousse - "Honesty," by Ernest Copestick. ,, 120. Design for Bonbonniere for China Painting. ,, 121. Poppy Design, by Jean Inglis. ,, 122. Design for a Strap for Leather Work, by Ellen

Sparks. ,, 123 A and B. Full-sized Details of Carved Fire Screen, by Karl von Rydingsvard. ,, 127. Carved Fire Screen in Scandinavian Style. ,, 128. Japanese Stencil Design. ,, 129. Detail of Circular Frame for Wood-carving. ,, 130. Front of Clock-case for Wood carving and Relief-burning. ,, 131. " Hebe," Decorative Design, by Ellen Welby. Nos. 132, 133, 134. D'Oyleys for Embroidery, by Mary Perrott.

(Harebell, Snowdrop and Daisy Designs.) No. 135. Six Japanese Roundels. ,, 140. Design for a Hammered Metal Plaque. ,, 141. Horse Chestnuts: Design for a Plaque in Hammered Metal. ,, 142a. Part of a Decorative Frieze for Carving, Gesso or Painting, by W. Falkiner. Nos; 143 and 144. Set of D'Oyleys for Embroidery, by Mary

Perrott. No. 145. • One Quarter of the Cushion Design, by G. Mary Perrott. ,, 146. Clock-Case for Chip-Carving, by B. T. Harkison. ,, 146a. Detail of Supports lor Clock-Case. ,, 153. Design for Stencil or Marquetry, by G. May

Shepherd. ,, 154a, 6, and c. Hot-Water Jug in Repousse Copper, designed and executed by T. G. Gawthrop. ,, 155. Design for a Plaque, by Ellen Welby. ,, 156. Embroidered Book Cover. ,, 157. Narcissus Motive for Needlework, Marquetry,

Staining or Pyrogravure, by F. Norton. ,, 158. Quarter Section of a Simple Design for a Carved Table-top, suitable also for Repousse Metal Work, by C. M. Jenckes. ,, 159. Part Two of a Decorative Frieze suitable for Carving, Gesso, Painting, or Pyrogravure, by W. Falkiner. 160. The Swans: Design by A. E. Jackson. ,, 161. Part of a Gothic Alphabet (to be completed). ,, 162. Design for Embossed Leather, by FlLen Sparks.

Our Corner For Beginners

No. 83. Design for Metal Work, Wood-Carving or Leather Work. ,, 84. Design for Match-box in Metal Work. ,, 85. Design for Lock Plate.

No. 109. Simple Exercise in Chip-Carving. Nos. no, 111 and 112. Some Simple Borders. No. 124. Border Design for Leather, Repousse or Poker Work. 125. Simple Acorn Border. „ 126. Frame for Chip-Carving. Nos. 136, 137, 138 and 139. Some Simple Exercises in Chip-Carving. No. 147. Embossed Leather Decoration. ,, 148. Top of Pen-Wiper in Leather, by Ellen Sparks. ,, 149. Rosette for Wood-Carving, by B. Pitman. ,, 150. Embossed Decoration for Handle, by Ei.lkn

Sparks. ,, 151. Decoration for a Leather Belt, by William B. Dawson.

Illustrations Of The Works

Allemand, G.

Amoore, Beth.

Armitage, Joseph.

Arnold, Mrs. A. M.

Barnard, Emily.

Barnstaple Guild of Metal Workers.

Bedford, Francis I'

Bell, Margaret.

Bella, Dora.

Bethune, Mrs.


Bogart, A. B.

Bonner, Albert E.

Boughton, R.A., George H.

Braddon, F.

Brierley, C.'

Bromsgrove Guild of Applied Arts.

Burton, Miss A.

Chance, Dr. R. F

Charpentier, Alexandre.

Clark, E. E.

Cole, J.

Cooper, B. J.

Copeslick, Ernest.

Crane, Bruce.

Crossley, P. H.

Culley, Gertrude.

Dangon, Victor.

Daniell, William.

Daniell, A.

Darlington, Frances.

Dawes, A.

Dawson, R. A.

Day, Lewis F.

Deacon, Miss N.


Dick, Edith A.

Dressier, Conrad.

Edwards, H. C.

Engleheart, J. D.

Evans, D. W.


Farrer, Henry.

Falkiner, W.

Grimwood, C. H.

Halle, Elinor.

Harcourt, Lily.

Hassall, Waller.

Hallowell, E. M.

Harding, Ethel.

Heal, junr., Ambrose.

H.K.H. Princess Louise of Argyle.

Jack, George.

Jefferson, Marie.

Jervis, W.

Lanteri, Professor E.

Lawrence, J.

Legros, Professor A.

Lees, Elsie E.

Lester, L.


Mathieson. Ijmuir.

Mellor, W.

Men/el, Adolph F.

Milcham, Mary L.

Monks, J. A. S.


Moller, Muriel.

Morrill, Catherine

Morrison, Norah.

Morton, Arthur.

Newey, M. R.

Partridge, F. L.

Pearce, Charles Sprague.

Perrott, Mary.

Peyton, Mrs. J. \V.

Pi ton, Camille.

Plimer, A.

Pool, Agnes.

Plowden, Editha R.

Praga, A.


Reeks, Maria E.

Renard, A. R. C. A. Edward.

Ridsdale, J.

Rigby, G. R.

Ridgway, G. H

Robson, E. R. T. S. A.

R'ooke, Noel.

Rope, Miss E. M.

Sangorski, F.

Sefton, Mabel P.

Shepherd, G. May.

Simpson, A. W.

Snowden, Harry.

Sutclifife, G.

Stanstield, H. H.

Stewart, Jules.

Strick, Eileen.

Tebbs, Louisa A.

Tyron, T.

Van Elten, Kruxman.

Vierge, Daniel.

Wallis, Hugh.

Wallhead, R. C.

Ware, Hilda.

Williams, John.

Williams, Annie.

Wilson, Mabel Austin.

Working Ladies' Guild.

Watts, G. F.

Supplements 412


Arts & Crafts Medal For Our Prize Competitions

Arts & Crafts Medal For Our Prize Competitions

The First To Gain The A Medal Are: Miss Marie Lilian Orr (Bronze) MR. A. J. Loughton (Silver) MR. William Rees Howell (Bronze)

The Accepted Design By Mr Arthur Morton

Pupil Of Professor Lanteri Of The Royal College Of Art South Kensington

Supplements 414

.Arts &Crafts.

A Monthly Practical Magazine for the Studio, the Workshop, ana the Home.

Net, 1/= Monthly.

December, 1904.

Vol. II. No. 7.


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