1. Breakfast - Corn batter cakes, devilled oysters, fried potatoes. Dinner - Chicken pie with oysters, canned Lima beans, cabbage salad; pumpkin pie. cake, Supper - Hot tea rolls, bologna sausage, canned fruit, cake.

2. Breakfast - Buckwheat cakes, sausage, croquettes of hominy. Dinner - Veal pot-pie, canned tomatoes, apple sauce; eggless plum pudding, jelly cake. Supper - Biscuits, frizzled beef, fried apples, cake.

3. Breakfast - Waffles, broiled steak, omelet. Dinner - Stewed fish, mashed potatoes, celery, turnips; baked apple dumplings with solid sauce, cake. Supper - Toast, pressed meat, cream fritters, apple jelly.

4. Breakfast - Graham bread, broiled spare ribs, fried raw potatoes. Dinner - Broiled beefsteak, Heidelberg cabbage, potato souffle, turnips, celery; molasses pudding, cake. Supper - Toasted Graham bread, cold tongue, floating island.

5. Sunday. Breakfast - Flannel cakes, beefsteak toast, potato cakes. Din-. ner - Roast haunch of venison, mashed potatoes, tomatoes, apple sauce, celery; fig pudding with lemon sauce, cake. Supper - Tea buns, cold venison, canned fruit, lady fingers.

6. Breakfast - Cream toast, fricatelli, potato cakes. Dinner - Baked veal, potatoes, plain boiled rice; peach roll, cake. Supper - Cold veal sliced, buttered, toast jelly and cake.

7. Breakfast - Sally Lunn, veal patties, corn dodgers. Dinner - Veal pie, carrots, boiled beets; crumb pie, cake. Supper - Toasted Sally Lunn, baked apples and buns.

8. Breakfast - Corn muffins, breaded veal,cutlets, Saratoga potatoes. Dinner - Stewed oysters, roast mutton with potatoes, tomatoes, celery; pineapple ice-cream, jelly cake. Supper - Toasted muffins, cold mutton sliced, apple croutes.

9. Breakfast - Hot rolls, cracked wheat, breakfast stew. Dinner - Roast quails, baked potatoes, Lima beans, celery; pumpkin pie, cake. Supper - Cold rolls, cold tongue sliced, baked apples, tea cakes.

10. Breakfast - Buckwheat cakes, smoked sausage broiled, hominy croe quettes. Dinner - Baked or boiled fish, mashed potatoes, squash, cabbag-salad; hot peach pie with cream, cake. Supper - Light biscuit, oyster steamed, canned fruit with cake.

11. Breakfast - Buckwheat cakes, rabbit stewed, potato cakes. Dinner - Chicken fricassee, baked potatoes, baked turnips; cottage pudding with sauce, cake. Supper - French rolls, Welsh rarebit, jam.

12. Sunday. Breakfast - Muffins, broiled spare ribs, fried potatoes. Dinner - Roast turkey garnished with fried oysters, mashed potatoes, turnips, cranberry sauce, celery, English carrot pudding. Supper - Light biscuit, cold turkey, jelly and cake.

13. Breakfast - Buttered toast, fried apples, cold turkey broiled. Dinner - Roast turkey warmed over, potatoes whole, canned corn; canned fruit and cream. Supper - Cold turkey, mush and milk, buns, jam.

14. Breakfast - Plain bread, fried corn, mush, breakfast bacon, fried cabbage. Dinner - Roast beef with potatoes, canned tomatoes, creamed cabbage, mince pie, cake. Supper - Hot short cake, boiled oysters on the half shell, tea rolls, canned fruit.

15. Breakfast - Crumb griddle cakes, breakfast stew, fried potatoes. Dinner - Boiled corned beef with turnips, potatoes and cabbage; baked apple dumplings with sauce, cake. Supper - Biscuit, cold beef, canned cherries.

16. Breakfast - Graham rolls, croquettes of codfish with potatoe. Dinner - Baked chickens with parsnips, mashed potatoes, celery, currant jelly; preserves with whipped cream. Supper - Plain bread, cold chicken, toasted rusk, jelly.

17. Breakfast - Cream toast, broiled steak, potatoes. Dinner - Steamed fish, steamed potatoes, celery, Lima beans, stewed tomato; mince pie. Supper - Cold rolls, chicken pates, baked apples.

18. Breakfast - Waffles, croquettes of fish, fried potatoes. Dinner - Saturday bean soup, broiled venison steak, mashed potatoes, beets; vinegar pie, cake. Supper - Toast, cold ham, buns, jelly.

19. Sunday. Breakfast - Buttered toast, broiled oysters, potato cakes, fried parsnips. Dinner - Roast domestic ducks, mashed potatoes and turnips, boiled onions, celery sauce, plum jelly; fig pudding with lemon sauce, cake. Supper - Tea rolls, salmi of duck, apple croutes.

20. Breakfast - Corn batter cakes, broiled bacon, potatoes. Dinner - Roast spare rib, baked potatoes, salsify, cabbage salad;plain Indian pudding with sauce. Supper - Biscuit, cold pressed meat, sliced apples.

21. Breakfast - Johnny cake, sausage, hominy croquettes. Dinner - Roast rabbits, baked potatoes, slaw; apple meringue pie, jelly cake. Supper - Light biscuit, dried beef frizzled.

22. Breakfast - Fried pork steak, fried raw potatoes, fried cabbage. Dinner - Venison roast with potatoes, boiled onions, plum jelly; chocolate pudding, cake. Supper - Sliced venison with jelly, sweet wafers, canned fruit.

23. Breakfast - Breakfast stew of cold venison, fried potatoes, Indian pancakes. Dinner - Spanish pot-pie, canned tomatoes; starch pudding. Supper - Graham mush and milk and jam.

24. Breakfast - Sally Lunn, broiled beefsteak, potatoes a la Lyonnaise. bread cakes with syrup. Dinner - Chicken soup, chicken dressed with parsley and egg sauce, potatoes, salsify, slaw; hot apple pie with cream. Supper - Cold chicken, French rolls, apple sauce.

25. Christmas. Breakfast - Grapes and bananas, broiled oysters on toast, waffles with honey. Dinner - Raw oysters served with sliced lemon: turtle soup; baked fresh fish; roast turkey garnished with fried oysters, mashed potatoes, Lima beans, pickled beets, mayonaise of chicken salad, celery, cranberry sauce; Christmas plum pudding with rich sauce; mince pie, sponge and lady cake mixed, fruit and nuts. Supper or Luncheon - Curried oysters, Vienna rolls, slaw, apple trifle with whipped cream, lady fingers, cake.

26. Sunday. Breakfast - Corn muffins, oysters in shell, croquettes of turkey, potato rissoles. Dinner - Turkey soup, quail on toast, walled oysters, boiled onions, celery and slaw; ice-cream, cake. Supper - Bread and milk, lemon fritters with sugar, rusk.

27. Breakfast - Buckwheat cakes, broiled spare ribs or sausage, pates of turkey hot with gravy, hominy. Dinner - Escaloped turkey, baked potatoes, canned corn; mince pie, cakes. Supper - Biscuit, cold tongue, cakes.

28. Breakfast - Hot rolls, fried liver, oyster omelet. Dinner - Oyster soup, roast pig (garnished with boquettes of beets, carrots and green pickles carved), whole steamed potatoes, parsnips, beets, macaroni with cheese; peach pie with cream. Supper - Cold rolls,sliced tongue, apple croutes, cake.

29. Breakfast - Cream toast, veal, sweet breads, potatoes " fried whole." Dinner - Mutton soup, mutton dressed with caper sauce, baked potatoes, canned peas, celery, cranberry jelly; cocoanut pudding, cake. Supper - Cold mutton, short cake with jam.

30. Breakfast - Graham gems, broiled veal cutlets, fried potatoes. Din-ner - Roast stuffed chicken, mashed potatoes, salsify, canned corn, currant jelly, celery; prairie plum pudding. Supper - Raw oysters, French rolls, jellied chicken, grape jelly, assorted cakes.

31. Breakfast - Fried oysters, potatoes a la Duchesse, waffles with maple syrup, baked apples. Dinner - Boiled fish with Hollandaise sauce, steamed potatoes, canned tomatoes, canned succotash; queen of puddings. Supper - Fricasseed oysters, slaw, celery, waffles and honey, canned pears.

Note - Observe that these hills of fare are made with especial reference to the ordinary routine of the week in the kitchen, the meals for each day being planned to save labor unci fuel, and to interfere as little as possible with the special work of the day. Thus Monday's bill of fare will not fit any other day of the week, if Monday is set apart as washing day. The housekeeper should aim at variety on successive meals rather than in the same meal, remembering that a few dishes daintily cooked and served make a far more attractive dinner than many dishes less perfectly cooked and served.