Leg or ham; especially a leg of mutton.

Gigot Ron

Roast leg of mutton.

Gigot Bouilli Aux Capres

Boiled leg of mutton; caper sauce.

Gigot A La Polonaise

Leg of mutton in Polish style; braised, cut in slices without severing them from the bone, and a stuffing put between each slice.

Gigot A La Bretonne

Leg stuffed and braised; served with Bretonne sauce and stewed white beans.

Gigot A La Russe

Leg of mutton roasted, and the cooking finished in burning brandyserved with the gravy and brandy.

Gigot A La Provencale

Leg of mutton with strips of garlic inserted; roasted and served with Bretonne sauce.

Gigot D'Agneau A La Palestine

Leg of lamb boiled; served with puree of Jerusalem artichokes.

Gigot D'Agneau Aux Epinards

Leg of lamb with spinach.

Gigot De Porc Bouilli

Boiled leg of pork with vegetables.

Gigot De Porc A La Pie Montaise

Leg of pork roasted; served with brown sauce, pickles, and olives.

Gigot De Porc A L'Allemande

Leg of pickled pork boiled, and served with cabbage, sauerkraut-or other vegetables.

Gigot D'Olrs

Leg of bear.