Butler & McCulloch's Spring Catalogue of Choice Flower, Shrub, and Tree Seeds, Covent Garden Market, London.

E. Buist's Catalogue of Select Roses; Rosedale Nurseries, and 922 Market St., Philadelphia. An admirable manual, embracing all the varieties, modes of culture, etc, etc.

Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Evergreens, etc., at the Willow Creek Nursery, Lee Co., Illinois; C. . Bacon, proprietor.

Catalogue of Small Fruits. Jeremiah Knox, Box 478, Pittsburg, Penn. Very full.

Catalogue des Plantes, Exotiques cultivees dans les serres, de J. Linden, a Bruxelles. A Treatise on the History and Utility of Live Fencing. By C. R. Overman, of Blooming-ton, Ill. Third edition; and in favor of the Osage Orange.

List of Plants for sale by John W. Adams, Portland, Maine. Ditto Fruit and Ornamental Trees, New Grapes, Roses, etc. Good, and reasonable prices.

E. Woodruff & Co.'s, Live Productive Diamond Hedge, from the French Osier Willow, (Salix purpurea). Contains a very valuable suggestion for willow fences.

Descriptive List of Apples cultivated by Overman & Mann, near Bloomington, Ill.

What May be Learned from a Tree, by Harlan Coultas, No. 2. A very ingenious treatise now in the course of publication, in numbers, at 25 cents each, by the author, Philadelphia.

South-Western Wisconsin Fruit Culturist, containing directions for the culture of fruits adapted to Wisconsin, by N. C. Goldsmith. Also catalogue of trees and shrubs cultivated at the Lancaster nursery. A movement in the right direction.

Wholesale Catalogue of Lake Erie Nursery, East Rockport, Ohio, Lewis Nicholson, proprietor.

Bridgeman's Descriptive Catalogue, No. 6. Select Bedding Plants, Roses, Summer and Autumn Blooming Bulbs and Herbaceous Plants, 1859. Andrew Bridgeman, 878 Broadway, N. Y. No one can visit this establishment without being struck by its adaptability to a luxurious city and fashionable neighborhood,'where everything is ready at a moment's notice.

Views of the Vine-Growing Resources of St. Louis and Adjacent Counties of Missouri. By Charles H. Haven, of Melrose, St. Louis Co., St. Louis. There is in St. Louis a wine association which is ready to give high prices for any amount of grapes that may be offered, and minor associations for planting vines are forming, we doubt not to advantage. The pamphlet is an excellent one.

Stratham Nurseries; 100,000 valuable Fruit and Ornamental Trees. Andrew Wiggin, Strat-ham, N. H. With greenhouse plants in great variety.

Catalogue of Trees, etc, etc, for sale by Ed. Bonsall, Jr., near Salem, Columbiana co., Ohio.

Meehan's Germantown Nurseries, No. 1; Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, and Vines. A good and various stock.

Meteorological Journal, No. 20, Muscadine, Iowa, for 1858, by T. S. Parvin, Smithsonian Observer. Material pour servir.

Seventh Annual Review of the Trade and Commerce of the city of Chicago. Chicago, 1859.

Select Descriptive Catalogue of the Kentucky Nurseries, Maysville, Kentucky, George G. Curtis & Co. This is an excellent catalogue of an extensive variety of the best stock; we have but one objection to make to it; the printer has misspelled in a variety of instances; Larva is called larvy, Dielytra is Dilitra, etc.

Trade List of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, 1859, for sale by George D. Kimber, Flushing, L.I.

Catalogue of John C. Teas, Maysville, Indiana; Fruit-Trees, Shrubs, and Evergreens.

Catalogues, Etc, Received #1

The season for the issue of new catalogues of trees and plants has waned. The following are all that have come to hand.

Supplement aux Catalogues de Vilmorin-Andrieux et Cie, Quai de Megesserie, 30, a Paris.

This contains many novelties, and also interesting remarks on plants which have already been introduced.

Catalogues, Etc, Received #2

Minnie Hermon; a Tale of the Times. By Thurlow W. Brown. A Temperance tale. C. M. Saxton, New York.

Farm Drainage. By Henry F. French. New York: A. O. Moore. The book on the subject - able, correct, and philosophical.

Wall Street to Cashmere. By John B. Ireland. New York: S. A. Rollo & Co. A very large and well illustrated octavo; not yet perused.

Hints to Horse-keepers. By the late Henry William Herbert (Frank Forrester). New York: A. O. Moore & Co. The illustrations are excellent, and we think we recognize the pencil of the publisher in some of them. This work will be a standard, and should be found in the hands of all lovers of the horse, or of the manly and womanly exercise of riding.

Descriptive Catalogue for 1858-9 of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Vines, etc, for sale by James Edgerton, Sugar Grove Nurseries, Barnesville, Ohio.

Ceremonies attending the dedication of Yale Cemetery, Schenectady, with the By-Laws, etc, of the Association. This is a highly interesting pamphlet. The Rev. Julius H. Seelye made an oration of great beauty and interest. These cemeteries are public teachers, if properly cared for, in matters of neatness and in planting. Trees placed in them have a chance of permanency, and the selection of them is of great importance. The best, the most beautiful, the fragrant, and those of historical interest, must not be overlooked. Without care, cemeteries had better not be established.