Cream Soups

Cream Of Lettuce Soup

Wash well four small heads of lettuce, drain, chop, place them in a granite kettle with one-half cupful of butter and cook for four or five minutes, stirring lightly. Now add two quarts of water, and season with salt, pepper, a bunch of parsley and one-half cupful of well-cleaned uncooked rice; cover the kettle, and cook for forty minutes, then strain. Clean the kettle, pour the soup into it again and let it come to the boiling point. Add one pint of sweet cream; stir up and serve. Mrs. J. Anderson.

Asparagus Cream Soup

Cut off the ends of the asparagus for about two inches and boil the rest till tender. Rub the vegetable through a very coarse sieve and salt the pulp. Boil a pint of milk, mix one-half teaspoonful of butter with one-half teaspoonful of flour and stir into the milk. Add the asparagus and boil about ten minutes, keeping it agitated. Meanwhile boil the ends for about fifteen minutes, drain them, and place them in a soup tureen. Add two tablespoonfuls of cream to the soup and pour it into the tureen without boiling again. Serve at once. Mrs. L. J. Farmer.

Cream Of Lentils

Soak two cupfuls of lentils in cold water for several hours, then place in a granite kettle over a slow fire with two quarts of water, one carrot, one onion, three whole peppers, a bunch of parsley and salt to taste. Cook for one hour and rub through a sieve; put some buttered toast in the tureen, pour over the puree and serve. A Vegetarian.

Cream Of Chestnut Soup

Boil in white broth a pint of steamed chestnuts; when tender mash fine, pass through a sieve, add some good cream and season. If not thick enough add a little flour and butter mixed. Serve hot.

Mrs. Mira Madison.

Cream Of Celery Soups

Cream Of Celery Soup

In three pints of boiling water cook three cupfuls of celery, cut fine, until sufficiently tender to be rubbed through a sieve. One pint of milk thickened with one tablespoonful of butter and one tablespoonful of flour. Add celery salt, or extract, salt and pepper. Simmer ten minutes. A cupful of scalded cream added just before serving is an addition.


Cream Of Celery - No. 2

Trim a head of celery and boil in one pint of water for thirty-five minutes; boil a small onion finely cut in one pint of milk; mix one table-spoonful of flour with two tablespoonfuls of cold milk, add to the onion and milk and cook in a double boiler for ten minutes. Mash celery in the water in which it has been cooked, mix it into the boiling milk, add one tablespoonful of butter, one cupful of rich cream and season with pepper and salt to taste. Strain and serve immediately.

Cora Hampton.

Onion Soups

Brown Onion Soup

Peel and cut in thin rings six large Spanish onions, fry them in butter till tender and brown. Then lay them on a hair sieve so as to drain off the butter. Put them in a kettle with five quarts of water, boil for one hour, stirring often. Then salt and pepper to your taste. Rub the crumbs of a roll or large tea biscuit through a colander and add to the soup, stirring all the time so as to keep it smooth. Boil two hours longer. Ten minutes before you serve it beat the yolks of two eggs with two spoons of the vinegar and a little of the soup. Pour it in by degrees, stirring it one way. Mrs. Jennie Tore.

Onion Soup

Put into a stew-pan several peeled and chopped onions and one quart of cold water. Let come to a boil, drain and put back into the pan. Now pour over the onions two quarts of boiling water and let cook until very tender, adding a tablespoonful of salt. When done add a cupful of rich cream; let come to a boil. A few minutes before serving remove the pan from the fire, add the yolks of two eggs, a generous lump of butter, into which has been mixed a very little flour, a dash of pepper and a pinch of sugar. Let come to a bubble and it is ready for the table.

Mrs. A. C. Little.

Onion And Celery Soup

One cupful of celery and two onions finely chopped; cook with one quart of water until very tender; then add one quart of rich milk; season with butter, salt and pepper; serve hot. Frances I. Willard.

Bean Soups

Cream Of Bean Soup

One pint of soup stock, add two cupfuls of flaked beans and let boil three minutes. Melt two tablespoonfuls of Ko-nut in frying-pan, add two tablespoonfuls of flour, one-half teaspoonful of salt, one-quarter of a teaspoonful of paprica, ten drops of onion juice and one pint of milk slowly. When well mixed add the soup stock and serve.

M. Robinson.

Mnnesota Bean Soup

Soak the beans over night, and, in the morning, pour off the water, replacing it with fresh water; set on the fire until the skins slip off easily; now throw them into cold water and rub well, when the skins will rise to the top and can be removed. Boil the beans until perfectly soft, allowing two quarts of water to one quart of beans; mash the beans and add flour and butter rubbed together, seasoning with salt and pepper to taste. Pass the soup through a colander, rubbing all the thick portion through with a wooden spoon, and put into it before serving toasted bread cut into small pieces. Mrs. H. Hoover.