Forcemeat of chicken, highly seasoned with aromatic salt, is filled into rings of sliced cooked carrots and beets, dipped in jelly and a mould lined' with them; filled up with chicken and green peas in jelly.

Chartreuse Hot

A small mould lined with blocks of cooked carrots, turnips and beets, the interior filled with well-seasoned cabbage drained and chopped, or with potato, parsnip, etc. Made hot and turned out on a dish. - The chartreuse of vegetables derives the name from the same monks of Chartreuse to whom the chartreuse liqueur is credited; it was one of their fast-day dishes, and strictly made is entirely of vegetables. There is a malicious story, however, in circulation that the good men, having the inside of their ornamental dish filled with cooked cabbage, excellently seasoned, rolled up and systematically placed in rows, used to find a boneless joint of a partridge rolled up in each leaf, like the filling of a cigar, and regarding it as a miracle ate the meat in silence.

Chartreuse Of Partridges

Cooked joints of partridges imbedded in the cabbage of the hot chartreuse before described.

Chartreuse Or Lamb Au Gastronome

Breast of lamb, cooked and pressed, cut in blocks; cooked heart let tuce; the two filled in a mould in alternate order, pressed in, made hot in steamer; turned out, and served with white sauce.

Lining For Chartreuse

Is best made by cutting the vegetables, either cooked or raw, with a column (tube)Jcutter like bottle corks, the ends showing outside, the length giving room to build upon.

Chartreuse Aux Poulets A La Reine

A delicious, but rather expensive entree, the wall of the chartreuse being formed of small circles alternately of truffles and tongue.