Wild and tame Ducks, Teals, etc. etc. All those kind of Fowls, when well plucked and drawn, should be trussed with the Legs undermost, and roast-ed without any thing: They require but a short time to be done, as they ought to be full of their own Gravy; which will waste if too much roasted.

Des Oiseaux que l'on sert avec des Rôties dessous.

Of Birds, which are served with a Toad under them.

Larks. They ought to be fat and fresh killed; you may lard or bard them, and roast them with a Toast under; or roast them wrapped in Vine-leaves and a slice of Bacon, strewed with Bread Crumbs, and served with the same.

Quails are done in the same manner. Reals, Wood-cocks, and Snipes, must be trussed with the Legs undermost, the Bills serve for a fever; lard the Breast-part if agreeable, and roast them without drawing, with toasted Bread under.

Wheat-ears, when in full season, may be called the Ortolans of England, and may be dressed in the same manner as Larks.

Partridges are drawn like Chickens, and ought to be spared in the basting, as too much of it will waste the flavour; singe them over a charcoal-fire before roasting, larded or barded. The same observation is necessary in basting Hares and Rabbits, and all Game of high flavour. - It is to be observed, that the female of Poultry and Game is in general more delicate than the male, and ought to be kept as long as possible, for the sake of tenderness and flavour.