We are glad to learn that our Brooklyn friends are already in motion for 1861. The Spring Exhibition will be held at the new Academy of Music, on the 17th, 18th, and 19th of April. The prize list is very liberal, amounting to $277, besides a list of valuable books for special prizes. Some of the leading prizes are the follow, ing: Best collection of plants in pots, $15. Best 8 stove or greenhouse plants, $10. Best 6 variegated or ornamental-foliaged plants, $5. Best 2 Orchids, $4; best single Orchid, $2. Best 6 Azaleas, $8; best single specimen Azalea, $3. Best 4 Ericas, $6. Best single specimen Erica, $3. Best 6 Pelargoniums, $5; best 3 scarlet varieties, $3. Best 8 varieties of Roses, $6; best 6, $4. Best specimen of tuberous-rooted Tropoeolum, $2. Best 3 Fuchsias, $3; best specimen, $1. Best 4 Gloxinias, $3. Best 4 Cinerarias, $6. Best double Chinese Primrose, $1. Best 6 Hyacinths, $3. Best 4 monthly Carnations, $3. Best 4 varieties of Pinks, $2. Beat collection of cut flowers, $4. Best 6 cut Camellias, $3. Best 12 cut Roses, $2. Best 12 Pansies, $1. Best Parlor Bouquet, $4. Best pair of Hand Bouquets, $3. Best Basket of Flowers, $4. Best 2 bunches of Hothouse Grapes, $5. Best dish of Strawberries, $2. Best brace of Cucumbers, $2. Best Lettuce, Rhubarb, Radishes, Asparagus, and Sea Kale, $1 each; Best and most correct Labelling of Plants, $2. In the special list, there are handsome book prizes for the best design for a yard 25 by 150, with a list of Fruits, Hardy Shrubs, and Flowers, adapted to it, each plant to be located in the design.

Best design for a yard 25 by 60, embracing the same conditions as above. Best Fern Case. Best 3 Hanging Baskets. Best collection of Aquatic Plants, suitable for fresh-water aquaria, tank, or fountain. Best Fresh-water Aquarium, fitted up and stocked. Last, Greatest number of new members handed in by one person and elected before the close of the exhibition. The prize for this novel exhibition is Downing's Rural Essays, and we hope to see it contended for in a spirited manner. We are much pleased to see the prizes for Designs, and hope they will bring out some worthy competitors. One of the rules says, "All articles for competition must be brought on the appointed day by 12 o'clock, M. This rule will be rigorously enforced." We are glad to hear it. Let it be distinctly understood that you mean to be as good as your word, and you will effect a much-needed reform, and save the judges and the public from needless annoyance. We wish you all a right good time. Prize Lists may be had by applyng to President Degrauw, 69 Washington Street, New York.

Brooklyn Horticultural Society #1

This Society held its first general meeting on the 16th and 17th inst., and it has not lost any of its former superiority. To enumerate all the best things that were there, would require more space than, I presume, you have at present to spare. Suffice it, then, to say, that the plants were more than excellent. It has been a custom, hitherto, for us to be continually reverting to the quality of Chiswick, but in this instance, at least, there is no occasion to do so, for the greater part of the specimens exhibited were all that the best skill of the cultivator can accomplish. All plant lovers who were not there, missed a great treat, and the opportunity of seeing the difference between what are ordinarily termed good, and the best specimen grown plants. The fact was there clearly demonstrated, that we can grow to perfection in our climate, notwithstanding the general say to the contrary, the Boronias and Pimdias of Australia, and the Ericas of Caffraria, for they were produced in the most magnificent bloom and robust health. Erica Boweana, and Pimelia spectabilis, were each over three feet in diameter. The azaleas were really gorgeous, and the more intertropical examples were equally represented.

Taken as a whole, it is doubtful if such an elegantly-formed and well-grown collection of plants was ever before seen in the 8tates, and we may hope that the men who produced them will bo able to continue their exertions until the general host of scarecrows, which are too often seen, become numbered with the things that were. W. C.

Brooklyn Horticultural Society #1

President - J. W. Degrauw. Vice-Presidents - Henry A. Kent, Wm. C. Langley, W. S. Dunham, J. S. T. Stranahan, S. J. Eastman. Treasurer - M. Brandeger. Corresponding Secretary - J. E. Rauch. Recording Secretary - James Park. The spring exhibition, 1857, will be held at the Brooklyn Athenaeum, in Atlantic Street, corner of Clinton Street, opening to the public on Wednesday, the 15th of April, at'4 P. M., and continuing open during the 16th and 17th, from 8 A. M. to 10 P. M. The premiums are numerous and liberal.