The Summer Exhibition of this Society was held at Corinthian Hall, Rochester, on the 24th of Jane, The following are the Reports of the Committees:

Export Of The Commtter On Flowers And Flowering Plants

The display this season was very creditable to the Society, though not In as great prolusion as at some former shows, but the articles exhibited were choice and well grown. Gut flowers from out of doors, particularly roses, were in great abundance, but they were not in good condition as they would have been had not a heavy rain the day before materially injured many of the blooms. Messrs. Ellwanger & Barry contributed a superior collection of Phloxes, Paeonias, and other cut flowers. The display of Roses, embracing 888 varieties from A. Frost & Co., was very fine. The Committee award the following premiums:

Amatrurs' List

ROSES. Best collection, named, J. A. Eastman, $8; 2d best da, D. C. Greenleaf, Brockport, $2. Best 6 varieties named, D. P. Newell, $1. Verbenas - Best collection, named, D. C. Greenleaf, Brockport, $2. Boquet - Best table, C. F. Crossman, $2; 2d best table, D. C. Greenleaf; Brockport, $1; best hand, Mrs. M. Jewell, $2.

Mubskbymen's List

Roses - Best collection, Ellwanger & Barry, Diploma; 2d best, Samuel Moulson, $2; beet 25 varieties, A. Frost 6 Co., $8; best 12 varieties, A. Loomls, Byron, N. Y., $2. Verbenas - Best collection named, A. Frost 6 Ca, Diploma; best 12 varieties, A. Frost & Co., $2 Boques - Best table, C. J. Ryan at Co, 82; 2d best table, Jno Donnellan &. Nephews, $1; best hand, C. J. Ryan & CO, $2; 2d best A. Frost &. Co., $1. Floral Ornament - Best, A. Frost & CO, 83. Green HOUSE Plants - Beat collection, A. Frost & Co., Diploma; best 12 specimens, Bissell & Hooker, 85.

Report Of The Fruit Committer

The Committee on Fruits report that the exhibition of Strawberries was very fine, though the exhibitors were few In number. The fruit well grown, but the flavor considerably Injured by the recent heavy rains.

In the amateur list, no collections were offered worthy a premium.

In the professional list, Ellwanger & Barry exhibited 84 varieties of Strawberries, Including several seedlings of their own raising. Blssell & Hooker 17 varieties, very well grown. Geo Newland, of Palmyra, 15 varieties, well grown, and especially the Bed Alpine, which were much larger than they are ordinarily grown. He had several varieties not in other collections. Among these the Pyramidal Chilian attracted much attention, both from Its size and excellence. D. Southworth, of Penfleld, presented Burr's Nevo Pine In very fine condition. Mr. Zera Burr, of Perrinton, exhibited 18 varieties of seedling Cherries, several of which give promise of excellence. They are mostly early sad on that account valuable. Ellwanger & Barry exhibited 16 varieties of early Cherries, Including Gov. Wood, Rockport Bigarreou, Burr's Seedling and Cos's Transparent, fine American sorts. T. A. Newton sent for exhibition a large number of quart boxes of Burr's neew Pine, in beautiful condition. The following are premiums swarded: To Ellwanger & Barry, for best collection of Strawberries, 85; to Bissell & Hooker, for 2d best, 83; to Geo Newland, best quart, Pyramidal Chilian, $8; to D. Southworth, 2d best Burr's New Pine, $2; to Zera Burr, a gratuity for his seedling Cherries, 86.

Report Of The Vegetable Committer

The Committee regret that the show of Vegetables was small, and their labors consequently light The premiums awarded are as follows: - Lettuce - Best six heads, D. C. Greenleaf, Brockport, $2; 2d da da, C. F. Crosman, $1. Cucumbers - Best six, C F. Crosman, $1. Peas - Best peck, D. C. Green-leai; Brockport, 82; 2d da, C. F. Crosman, $1. BAubarb - Bmt 19 stalks, John Donnellan, $1.

Genesee Valley Horticultural Society #1

The Annual Meeting of this Society was held on the 10th of February, H. P. Norton, Esq., of Brockport, President, in the Chair. The meeting was well attended, and there was a fair display of winter fruits. The following board of officers was elected for the current year:

WM. A REYNOLDS, President H. N. Langworthy, D. C Greenleaf, N. Hayward, John F. Bush, Jakes Upton, Asa Rowe, Vice Presidents. H. E. Hooker, Corresponding Secretary, J. Vice, Jr., Recording Secretary. J. H. Watts, Treasurer.

It was resolved to hold two exhibitions the ensuing year - the first in June and the second in September. Besides these, the Executive Committee were authorized to appoint such others as they may deem advisable.

The Fruit Committee were instructed to report a list of fruits for general cultivation in this locality, the report to be presented at the next annual meeting.

The following standing committees were appointed:

On Fruits - J. J. Thomas, IT. P. Norton, Austin Pinney, P. Barry, Edward Frost, L. A. Ward, Charles Powis, Geo. Ellwanger, H. E. Hooker, Selah Mathews. On Flowers - C J. Ryan, J. A. Eastman, R. Donellan, J. Baiter, Wm, Webster, C. F. Van Doom, James Frost On Vegetables - Jas Vick, Jr., Jas. P. Fogg, H. N. Langworthy, C.M. Hooker. On Botany - P. Cooney, Francis Trentman.

Mr. Webster having presented a model of a grape-house, or conservatory, with an improved method of ventilation, a committee was appointed to examine the same. The committee made the following report:

"We hare examined Mr. Webster's model of a curvilinear-roofed vinery, or conservatory, and as Jar as we are able to Judge, consider the mode of ventilation a great improvement The whole design is worthy of the attention of persons who contemplate erecting such buildings. P. Barry, H. E. Hooker, J. Salter, Committee.