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Bosworth, Or Market Bosworth

Bosworth, Or Market Bosworth, a town and parish of Leicestershire, England, 12 m. W. of Leicester; pop. of the parish about 2,500. The town has a free grammar school, in which Dr. Johnson was an usher. On a moor in the vicinity the battle was fought, Aug. 22, 1485, in which Richard III. fell, and the wars of the roses were brought to an end. It was on the Crown hill near Bosworth that the crown was placed by Lord Stanley on the head of the earl of Richmond (Henry VII.) after the battle.


Botetourt, a S. W. county of Virginia, intersected by James river; area, about 500 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 11,329, of whom 3,163 were colored. It contains the sources of Craig's and Catawba creeks. Besides the Blue Ridge, which forms its S. E. boundary, there are other high ridges within its limits. The famous Peaks of Otter are near the dividing line between this and Bedford county; Middle mountain is on the N. W. border. The James River canal has been opened from Richmond to Buchanan. The chief productions in 1870 were 152,799 bushels of wheat, 95,986 of Indian corn, 92,307 of oats, 3,752 tons of hay, and 196,459 lbs. of tobacco. There were 2,044 horses, 1,984 milch cows, 3,426 other cattle, 3,332 sheep, and 6,192 swine. Capital, Fincastle.


Both, two Dutch painters, brothers, natives of Utrecht. I. Jan, born about 1610, died about 1650. He was a pupil of Bloemaert, and lived in Italy, where he produced exquisite landscapes, representing perfectly Italian atmospheric effects. II. Andreas, drowned at Venice in 1650. He was also a pupil of Bloemaert, and, besides introducing figures into his brother's landscapes, painted after the manner of Bam-bo'ccio, but with finer coloring.


Bothwell, a village and parish of Lanarkshire, Scotland, on the N. shore of the Clyde, 8 m. E. S. E. of Glasgow; pop. of the village and parish about 18,000. The old Gothic church of Bothwell was used as a place of worship till 1828. A new parish church, with a tower 120 ft. high, was erected in 1833. The parish contains extensive iron works and collieries. It is famous in history for the battle fought on Bothwell bridge, about 1 m. from the village, June 22, 1679, between the Covenanters and the royal troops, in which the former were defeated with great loss. The ancient castle, once the stronghold of the Douglases, is on a summit surrounded by woods, and is one of the finest ruins in Scotland. The manse of Bothwell was the birthplace of Joanna Baillie, whose father was minister there.

Bothwell Castle.

Bothwell Castle.

Botoshan, Or Botnsliani

Botoshan, Or Botnsliani, a city of Roumania, in Moldavia, on the Shiska, an affluent of the Pruth, 60 m. N. W. of Jassy; pop. in 1866, 28,117. It is irregularly built, and contains 1 Armenian and 14 Greek churches, 10 synagogues, and a hospital. It has a considerable trade, especially in cattle, and is the seat of the most important fair in Moldavia.