Monday. Baked Rhubarb

Farina Top Milk

Corn Omelet Graham Gems

Cocoa, Coffee

Tuesday. Half Oranges Boiled Salt Mackerel

Creamed Potatoes Buttered Toast Cocoa Coffee

Wednesday. Grape Fruit Creamed Eggs on Toast Fried Cornmeal Mush

Maple Syrup Cocoa Coffee


Monday. Chicken Soup Spaghetti Italian Banana Salad

Crackers and Cheese Tea

Tuesday Creamed Tongue

Boiled Brown Rice Tomato Jelly Salad Toasted Buns Marmalade


Wednesday. Cream of Salmon Soup

Crackers Escalloped Cauliflower with Cheese Entire Wheat Biscuits Jellied Fruit Salad

Honey Dressing Tea


Monday. Boiled Tongue

Brown Olive Sauce Browned Potatoes

Steamed Spinach Dressed Lettuce Peach Meringues Coffee

Tuesday. Onion Soup Pot Roast of Lamb

Mashed Potatoes Asparagus

Drawn Butter Sauce Strawberry Shortcake Coffee

Wednesday. Tomato Soup

Cold Lamb Creamed Potatoes

Hungarian Carrots

Dressed Cress

Chocolate Roll Pudding

Foamy Sauce Coffee


Thursday. Half Oranges Ham Baked in Milk

Roast Potatoes Warm Rolls Cocoa Coffee

Friday. Corn Flakes Sliced Bananas

Poached Eggs on Toast Cocoa Coffee

Saturday. Baked Prunes Flaked Fish Cakes

Raised Rice Muffins Cocoa Coffee

Sunday. Strawberries

Oatmeal Top Milk

Frizzled Beef and Eggs


Cocoa Coffee


Thursday. Lamb and Rice Croquettes

Creole Sauce Hot Corn Cake Marshmallow Figs

Little Vanilla Cookies Tea

Friday. Veal Soup Asparagus Loaf with Creamed

Asparagus Tips Pineapple Salad

Cheese Crackers Tea

Saturday. Stewed Lima Beans with Tomato Pimento and Cream

Cheese Salad Toasted Jelly Sandwiches Tea

Sunday. Grape Cup

Roast Beef

Potatoes Baked with the Meat

Baked Onions Cucumber Salad

Caramel Bavarian Cream Coffee Little Cakes


Thursday. Clam Bouillon

Veal Loaf with Macaroni Ragout

New Beets Sliced Cucumbers

Apples Baked in Maple Syrup

Coffee Cream

Friday. Halibut Baked in Milk

French Fried Potatoes Cowslip Greens Radishes

Red Cabbage Salad Steamed Graham Pudding

Hard Fruit Sauce Coffee

Saturday. Virginia Baked Ham

Grape Juice Sauce

Mashed Potatoes

Dandelion Salad Egg Garnish

Prunes in Orange Jelly

Sponge Cake


Sunday. Deviled Shrimps

Nut Sandwiches Olives Coffee Cream Cakes Lemonade, or Tea.

Before commencing to prepare any dish, be sure that all the ingredients are at hand; then read the recipe through to the end, because the way a dish is combined has a marked influence on the result. If a cake is being made, prepare the pan, stand the shortening to soften and in the meantime get together the remaining ingredients, making one trip to the ice-box for milk, eggs and butter, then sit down and quickly put the cake together. If by any chance the kitchen is inconveniently arranged, collect the ingredients together on a tray and put them within easy reach of the working table. Sift enough flour for the different dishes at once; if several are being made, prepare all the pans together at the same time, and, by the way, cut out, in some spare moments, enough cake-pan linings and little squares of paper for oiling pans to last for weeks.

Try to prepare foods which may, as far as possible, have the same cooking medium. If brown bread is to be steamed, the rest of the dinner should be steamed along with it. If a casserole is to be made, do the rest of the cooking for the meal in the same oven. If the fireless cooker is at work, use it to the limit.

One of the greatest difficulties of most young housewives is how to prepare the various dishes for a meal so that they will all be done at the same and proper time. One long-suffering young husband confided to me that it took five hours for them to eat their first dinner, there were such long waits between the courses! The meal should be planned so that there are not more than one or two dishes calling for a great deal of preparation in each menu. When the meal is planned, sit down and think out the dish which it will take the longest time to cook, get that started and then take the other dishes in rotation, remembering to allow time enough for cold dishes to become thoroughly chilled. Find out just how long it will take to set the table, and plan between the processes to do 'this so accurately that nothing will be forgotten.

The best time to prepare the evening dinner is largely in the morning when it is necessary to be in and out of the kitchen, and the time to start the luncheon is while clearing away the breakfast. It may not seem possible to carry on so many things at once, and, at first, the young housekeeper will find it difficult, but it is only by learning to do several things at a time, dove-tailing them together, that she can learn to accomplish a great deal in a given time. No woman should be a slave to her work and yet every man has the right to come home to a dainty, rested and attractive wife. The only way in which this can be done is by planning the meals ahead and by systematic work.