Gateau A L'espagnole - Meat Cake Spanish Fashion

Make a Forced-meat with about two pounds of Fillet of Veal, a pound of Beef Suet, chopped Shallots, Parsley, Mushrooms, a small glass of Brandy, Pepper, Salt, and six or eight Yolks of Eggs: Garnisha Stew-pan with slices of Lard, put this Farce upon it, leaving a hole in the middle to put in a Ragout of Pigeons finished to a good taste; cover it over with some of the Farce and slices of Lard, and bake it in the oven about two hours; when done, turn it over gently upon the Dish, take off the Bacon, wipe the Fat off clean, baste it with Butter and a little Cullis mixt with two Yolks of Eggs, and strew it with Bread Crumbs; put it a while in the oven to take colour, and serve upon it a Sauce a l'Espagnole, which you will find in the Sauce Articles. - You may use any sorts of Ragout, well finished, instead of Pigeons.

Composition De Panade Pour Toutes Sortes De Viandes

The Method of forming a proper Batter to be used with all Sorts of roasting Meat.

Melt some good Butter, put to it three Eggs with the Whites well beat up, and warm these together, stirring them continually. With this you may baste any roasting Meat, and then sprinkle Bread Crumbs thereon, and so continue to make a Crust of what thickness you please.